Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Illegal selling of second hand/used eBooks.

While visiting some of my favorite authors sites and setting up for Authors Month, I stumbled across Sherrilyn Kenyon's site. It wasn't on the front page but tucked away in the contact me section. All the same I still find it a little disturbing and thought I would share.

From Sherrilyn Kenyon's Site:

Author Rowena Cherry notified me that there are people on eBay and other sites who are listing my books as eBooks and claiming they have a right to sell them as they are public domain. First, it's illegal to sell second hand/used eBooks. Second, none of my books are in public domain as public domain doesn't happen until 75 years after the death of an author. Since I'm still alive and kicking... Not to mention, most of my series are trademarked and that never expires.
Anyone claiming this is lying to you. Just as those who have illegally uploaded books into file-share sites- sites that are illegally making profits from stolen property- are stealing from you, the reader. These are not victimless crimes. They are hurting all of us. Please do not support a thief. Piracy is a very real problem. Many don't think of it as stealing, but it is. Most aren't aware that last year only one publisher, ONE, made a profit. A few months ago the publisher I first published with went out of business, and that is the publisher that launched some of the most popular writers on the market today.
But that's not the only reason. As with any business, the cost of stolen merchandise is passed on to legitimate consumers like you. Prices end up being raised on everything. In the end, that theft hurts everyone, especially the reader.
I understand not everyone can afford a book. I've been there myself most of my life. Please visit your local library or used bookstore. They are in dire need of support. Please patronize legitimate businesses and don't support those that are stealing from all of us. If you know of someone illegally listing my eBooks or posting my novels on file-share sites, please send an email to Kim with a link. Together, we can make a difference.
Thank you so much for your help! You guys rock!

Link to that is found : http://www.sherrilynkenyon.com/contact/ You can find it in the right hand side column.

This is super disturbing for me. There is a agreement between blogger/Reviewer and Author. They trade their hard work in exchange for an honest review. I get times are tough, I'm right there with people. However I don't steal. and that is what people seem to be doing. The few (or more) of "bad apples" could potentially kill off some of the best selling authors.

Yeah it can be THAT serious.

Some of these best selling or well known authors (which ever you want to look at it) make their living from the stories that most of us use as an escape from reality. Not just Authors, but the whole pyramid of people working that particular release/Author. I know it hits home with me.

What are you thoughts or comments on this? 

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