Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Misty Evans - Book Review

In this continuing novella series, as reformed witch Amy Atwood wrestles with completing the third step of Witches Anonymous—turning her will over to a higher power—she’s counting the days to her six-month magic-free anniversary. However, when Gabriel steals half her soul, claiming she’s cast a spell on him to keep him from returning to Heaven, the odds of her sticking to her magic-free oath shrink. He demands she break the spell keeping him Earth-bound…or he’ll kill her and damn her soul for eternity.

But Amy’s not about to go down without a fight. Having once been the Devil’s right-hand witch, her soul’s already bound for Hell, and while Gabriel now owns half, the other half belongs to Lucifer…and Amy knows exactly how to use Luc to stop Gabe.

While Amy will do anything—outside of using magic—to reunite the halves of her soul, the powers of good and evil also control her free will. As she works to uncover the real witch behind the spell holding Gabriel prisoner, she finds herself back in Lucifer’s arms…and her Witches Anonymous goal spinning further and further out of reach.

Calling all readers! I'm having a Name the Witch Contest. Would you like to name a character in my next Witches Anonymous book? See details at the end of this story and good luck!

My Review

Ms. Evans delivers another great read. Characters you love and expect are found in this, with the great character developing. A not so angelic angel named Gabriel hell bent on revenge and a lustful devil out to temp Amy. Pace was excellent, and plot was full of surprises and twits. Writing Style and Originality was very enjoyable. The cover I thought is the hottest so far of this series. So grab a box of Dove chocolates and find a quite place to read. Your going love this book.

My Rating: 5 Stars

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