Monday, May 25, 2015

Happy Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day
Thank you for all who have served. There is no words that could truly do justice. All I have to offer is my gratitude, my thanks, and the promise that I will raise my own to understand what others have willingly given so they may have the freedom that they have today.

Special thanks to my family who has served.

Grandfather, WWII Army Purple Heart Vet: Captain Robert Galgiani
Step-Father (closest I have to a father), Hundred First Airborne Army - Vietnam Vet, Donald McDaniel
My Cousins,
Micheal Galgiani - US Army Paratrooper
Anthony Galgiani  - US Army - 2007 - One Tour Iraq, Unit E-4, 1/319th Airborne Field Artillery.

And my countless friends.

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