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Final Winners List
All winners are listed by their Nickname/Screen Name.
Click Authors Name to link to Giveaway.
August Giveaway

7th- Deborah Riley-Magnus- Signed E-Book

     1.  purrfectjewel
July Giveaway

June Giveaway

May Giveaway

April Giveaway

March Giveaway

22nd - Laurie London - Autographed Book

  1. Diane

21st - Gini Koch - Autographed Book
  1. Gabbie
19th - Marsha A. Moore - Seeking A Scribe

  1. Delphina
15th- Scott Prussing - Breathless. 

     1. Brittany

8th- Gabrielle Bisset. Blood Avneged.

     1. Patty P.

7th - Scott Prussing - Breathless

     1. Brittany Hiester

4th - Lauren Oliver - Autographed Copy

  1. purrfectjewel

February Giveaway 

  1. Lady Caella
  2. tears_of_fire 
  3. lindalou
     1. Patty P

  1. Tanya1224 
  2. Amanda
  1. lindalou
16th -  Linda Wisdom - 7 Items

     1.Joanne Balinski

  1. Diana (@Offbeat Vagabond)
  2. Linda

January Giveaway

  1. Dianna
  2. Tracy D

  1. Diana (@Offbeat Vagabond)
  2. Jen B.
  1. Kassandra
  2. Gabby
26th- Claire Ashgrove- Immortal Hope.

     1. Delphina
     2. June M 

Winner for the Book:
  1. elaing8
Follow up winners (For Gift Bags):
  1. Krysykat
  2. Delphina
  3. Victoria
  4. Sharon
  5. Tore

  1. signed print copy - tears_of_fire
  2. digital copy from Amazon - delphina

  1. Victoria 
  2. Beth Wright/Beth Fullaway 
21st- P.J. Jones. Signed copy of  Paranormal Parody collection.

     1. Jen B

20th - M. Edward McNally ~ 3 Books

Winners of the 1st copy:
  1. Tore
  2. tears_of_fire
The Grand Prize Winner of all three books:
  1. booklover0226 
19th - Claire Ashgrove ~ Immortal Hope

18th- Holly Hood.  Ink, E-Book.  10 winners.

     1. Toni
     2. ilona
     3. The ParaNormal Romance Party
     4. Krysykat
     5. Delphina
     6. Momarabbit
     7. Katrina
     8. Julie S
     9. Tore
    10. Victoria

  1. SacredmOOn
  2. Krysykat
  3. Toni 
13th- Leia Shaw- Destiny Unchained. E-book winner.

     1. Denise Z.   E-Book winner

10th- Felicity Heaton - Heart of Darkness. E-book winner and signed swag item winner.

     1.  Lissette Martines.  E-Book winner
     2.  pommawolf Emeraldwolfeyes *Darcy* Signed swag item.

9th- Nicki J Markus-DayWalker.

     1. Anna

  1. lindalou
  2. Victoria
  3. Shrouded Heart
3rd - Carly Phillips - Serendipity
  1. Marybelle
2nd - D.B. Reynolds. Duncan.  Choice of any book in series, any format.

     1. Tore

1st - Lizzy Ford- Damaian's Oracle.

     1. Christina


  1. Julie S.
  2. Anna
  1. Commenter # 1 - Cubbiesgirl
  2. Commenter # 3 - Jware
  3. Commenter # 4 - Cherry
  4. Commenter # 6 - Melissa Ringsted 
  5. Commenter # 9 - MamaElk

If you have already won a prize 
Please leave a comment! 


Unknown said...

Just want to thank you for the awesome books I have won so far and I want to thank Adrian Phoenix for the link that lead me here in the first place LOL! Love this site, you are awesome. Thank you :)

Toni said...

Thank you Were Vamps Romance and Sherrilyn Kenyon for a great prize package. Loved it!! April was a great month for wonderful guests and prizes!

Anonymous said...

Just want to thank Were Vamps Romance and the authors for being fabulous! April was a rough month for me and winning some fabulous prizes made it better! You guys are wonderful!

Chelsea Rafferty said...

I wanted to give a super big thanks to Stephanie Draven for an ebook copy of her book Siren Song + she sent me two other copies of her books paperback + some cute jewelry. I just wanted to let her know how much I appreciated them :)

I came this way because Dianna Love posted about it on our Friends Beyond her Book Party Blog Facebook page. :) So thanks Dianna for posting!

Thank you Stephanie for the lovely prizes.

And thank you to the Were Vamps Romance Blog for hosting it!

I've already bookmarked your blog and when I'm not insanely busy I like to stop by and see what's going on :)

lindalou said...

I was one of the winners of Linnea Hall's e-book. Not only has she sent me the e-book, but I feel that we've become friends as we've exchanged some emails about our new kindles. Thank you, Linnea, for the awesome give-a-way and thank you, WereVampsRomance for the fab site!

Ren said...

I'm the winner from Erin Kellison giveaway!
Thank you so much the books had arrived 2 days ago. I love this blog, and I will stopping by for every new post
Thanks Mellisa and Erin Kellison for the opportunity!

Victoria said...

Thank you so much. I won Dragon Warrior and just downloaded it :).

I just got a clue and filled out the form up above. Sorry.

Melissa said...

You guys are so welcome! I am so happy you have enjoyed this site and the items you've won! I hope you guys will win again! Thanks again for coming by, its be cause of you (the readers) I do this.... well that and I love to read. ;-)

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