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Damian's Oracle

Inspired by Slavic mythology, Damian's Oracle is the entree into the ongoing battle between good and evil over the fate of humanity. The White God, Damian, and his Guardians protect the world from the Black God and his monsters while rescuing Naturals - humans with extraordinary paranormal gifts - from the Black God, who would kill or convert them.

Caught in the middle is cool-headed Sofia, a Natural whose gift will tip the scales in the war. Sofia begins her transformation from human into oracle, the first in thousands of years. Damian rescues her from the Black God in time to complete a ceremony that will bind her to him for eternity. Sofia struggles with her new world and her role as an oracle and Damian's mate while haunted by a mysterious man from Damian's past who's supposed to be dead. Unbeknownst to her, her link to the dead man may be all that saves Damian, his Guardians, and the fate of humanity.

While he wants nothing more than for the petite beauty to take her place at his side like the oracles of legend did his White God forefathers, Damian can't quite rationalize having to win her over instead of command her. Further complicating his life is the sobering realization that there are spies in his organization who are helping the Black God take out his Guardians. Damian must help Sofia reach her potential fast, especially when a threat from his past returns.

My Review:

I was pleasently surprised when I sat down to read Damian's Oracle and I didn't want to put it down. I just love it when I read a book by a "new to me" author and I discover a hidden gem that I want to share with the world! Damian's Oracle is the first book the War of Gods trilogy and it is most definitely a hidden gem! :)
The characters are interesting and well developed! I just loved them all, through their many moods and quirks ;)
The plot was exciting, dramatic and fast paced. The romance was fun to read. This was a great book for those who want to read a romance where the sex isn't the main course. Although, I must say, the sexual tension was certainly there! It's hot and will make your heart flutter. I'm looking forward to reading the next installment in this trilogy, Damian's assassin! I highly recommend this book!

Author Interview:

Could you tell us a little about yourself?

Sure! I’m a rabid writer of sweet paranormal romance and paranormal/fantasy YA fiction. I live in southern Arizona with my husband, Matt, and our three animals. Someday, we want to move to Oregon, though, because we both miss trees.

Do you recall how your interest in writing originated?

I think I was born a writer. Haha! I’ve loved writing since I was in the third grade. It’s more of a
compulsion than anything else.

Which authors influenced you before you became an author yourself?

My favorite author of all time is Jane Austen. I loved the way she conveys flawed characters, and she offers some of them a chance to redeem themselves. Some of them do, and some of them don’t. Realizing it was ok to make imperfect characters was an eye opener for me.

What do you do to prepare yourself for writing? Do you have any routines to follow or certain music to listen to to set the mood?

It really depends. I have two writing modes: casual and intense. For casual writing, when I have no deadline, I can sit and write anywhere. For intense writing sessions, I need music to help me focus anymore. Every book has a song, so I’ll listen either to that song or usually something upbeat and quick paced.

Can you tell us a little about your favorite scene from Damian's Oracle?

One of my favorite scenes is actually sort of sad. It’s when Sofi is peeking into the dining room and seeing the Guardians eating pizza. It’s a normal scene. Humans do it, and immortal Guardians do, too. It’s when she realizes she’s different even from all the other people with supernatural talents. It’s a heartbreaking scene for her, but I guess I liked it, because it’s sort of how I’ve felt in life a lot: always on the outside looking in.

Who was your favorite Character to write about in this story?

I loved Sofia. She’s so easy to identify with. Even if we normal people aren’t faced with turning into an Oracle, we are faced with very hard transitions in our lives. She’s very easy to relate to, and very strong.

In Twitter fashion use 140 characters or less, sum up Damian's Oracle for us.

“Beefy immortal finds true love in Oracle, who helps him save the world.” Hahaha!

Will we be seeing a follow up book to this story?

Yes! There are four books in this series. “Damian’s Assassin” is the second book in the series. It was released in November. “Damian’s Immortal” is the third book and will be released 02 December. The final book in the War of Gods series is “The Grey God,” which will be released in May. Each book depicts one of the brothers and how they find their mates.

I must ask, if you could pick one actor to portray Damian, who would you chose and why?

That’s a rough one. I’m 100% head over heels for Jason Momoa, but he wouldn’t quite fit. I’m thinking the guy who plays Thor, Chris Hemsworth, because Damian is blond.

Just for fun, I love to know what other authors are reading. What's the next book that you can't wait to get your hands on?

Julia Crane’s next book, “Consumed,” in the Keegan Chronicles. I think she’s releasing it before the holidays, but I’m so excited to read it! I’ve loved the first two books in her series. She co-wrote another book I just read, too. One of the things I love about her books is that she goes outside the traditional paranormal creatures. The Keegan Chronicles feature elves who look like humans, and the book she co-wrote with Talia Jager is about a teenager who finds out she’s a succubus. Isn’t that so cool and original? LOL!

When you're not writing, what do you like to do with your free time?

I rarely have free time anymore! Ha! I play with my dogs and hang out with my husband. I’m also always online talking to readers and other writers, and cooking up new marketing strategies.

Lizzy, thank you so much for stopping by WVR today! This has been really fun and I'm sure the readers have enjoyed this time with you!

Thank you so much, Michelle! It’s been a pleasure!

One very lucky reader will win a paperback copy of Damian's Oracle! Just leave a comment for Lizzy Ford along with your email address.  The giveaway will be open for one week!!

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