Thursday, July 21, 2011

Returning Author Sapphire Phelan - Book Review & Book Giveaway!


Tina and Charun thought it was all over and that their life would be normal—well, as normal as it could be for an immortal Witch and her demon Familiar. Except there was another prophesy, one that laid claim that if Lucifer snatches Tina and mates with her before the last chime before midnight of the new year and gets her pregnant with his son, that the real Armageddon would begin, spelling the end of life as they knew it.

When Tina is stolen away, Charun, along with Jacokb the archangel, must race against time into the bowels of Hell to rescue her. But with demons, Lucifer, and a cute demon bunny with fangs out of a Monty Python nightmare, out to stop them and Heaven not lending a hand, will Tina become the mother of the Antichrist and the start of a new Hell on Earth?

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My Review:

A witch and her demon, what could make a better story? Sapphire Phelan's writing style is suburb. The way she lays out the Underworld, to her fast pace storyline, and the awesome characters she creates. This very steamy romance and hot sex story was a fantastic read. I really enjoy the originality of this series, and I am looking forward to reading any the follows this one.

My Rating 5 stars!

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Go beyond the usual, instead take the unusual that stretches the boundaries and find romance with Sapphire Phelan's aliens, werewolves, vampires, fairies, and other supernatural/otherworldly heroes and heroines.
An Ebook Copy of AFamiliar Tangle With Hell
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