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Dawn Judd - Book Review, Character Interview

PhotobucketAfter witnessing the murder of one of her dearest friends, Khalida finds herself caught between doing what she knows is right and letting go of her past. With the help of the Network, an organization created to keep her secrets buried, Khalida will battle enemies as old as time. But will the secrets of her past destroy everything she knows and loves? Soon, another friend is facing his death, and she will have to save him. Others will follow, and she will have to make the hardest decision of her life. There is only one way to save her friends from this enemy. As she races against time, Khalida will learn that sometimes your past comes back to haunt you, even when you are a vampire.

My Review:

This book was simply wow. From beginning to end it never lets you up. The pace, writing style, and plot was amazing. Finish it off with a huge bang? Sold! This book pulled out all the stops. Even Emotionally I was along for a ride. Characters were so well developed it was like I knew them for five thousand years. The story is completely original. Not a disappointing book, and a must read. Okay now, when is the next one coming out? LOL!

My Rating 5 stars

Character Interview: (Khalida)

Where do you live? 

Northern California. Well, all over really. I move around pretty frequently.

Where are you from? 

Cairo, originally.

How old are you? 

Over 5,000 years old

What are you called? Nick name? 

 I go by Khalida. I've had several other names, but that's the one I stuck with.

How would you describe your looks?? 

Hmm. Average height and build, I guess. But I'm quite a bit stronger than most women. I change my hair a lot, so that I can blend in with the crowd, but usually it's medium to dark brown. I have olive colored skin, but most people don't notice because I'm rather pale most of the time. I have dark eyes like my father. I always wished I had my mother's eyes. Although I never met her, I was told she had lavender eyes. 

In Twitter Fashion use 140 characters or less, sum your personal ad for us. (If you were to have one)

Personal Ad. Hmm. Ok. Older woman, who looks great for her age, seeks someone she can seek her teeth into. 

What kind of childhood did you have?

It wasn't good. My mother died giving birth to me, leaving me to my father. He brought me to live with him, but he was married, and his wife hated me because I reminded her of his idiscretions. She abused me horribly. 

What do you do for a living? 

 On the surface, I run a large company. It is more of a front to a system that keeps me safe from my enemies.

How do you deal with conflict and change? 

 Not well. I used to be stronger, but I guess things have changed. I rely on my friend Mack to get me through most of it.

Who else is in your life? 

 There's Mack. He's my best friend. He takes care of me when I can't take care of myself. There's Jake. I love Jake. Our relationship is hard because of what I am. There was Raymond, but....

What are your goals or motivation? 

 More than anything, I want to feel what it's like to be human again. To have something to look forward to. To love and be loved. 

What are your hobbies and interests? 

I guess you could say travel. I've done a lot of it.

What motivates you? 

The people around me. They are my family and above anything, I have to protect them.
Of what are you proudest? My relationship with Raymond. It was the first step in getting my humanity back.

What is your most embarrassing memory? 

There are too many to narrow it down. In 5,000 years, a person tends to rack up a few mistakes and embarrassments.

What was your first date like? 

Exciting. Scary. I was afraid of getting caught. I was forbidden to talk to anyone outside of my fathers servants. At the time, he was a dream come true.

How did you meet the person of your dreams? 

I met him through his uncle. We hit it off right away. But things haven't been easy for us.

Who are your best friends? 

Mack is my best friend. I don't know what I would do without him.

Who were your best friends in the past, and why aren't they your best friends today? 

I'd rather not talk about it. It is something I'm ashamed of.

Describe yourself--what is your best quality? What is your worst? 

I guess my best quality is that I would do anything to protect the ones I love. My worst quality may be that I sometimes have to kill people for food.

Describe your family

They are the people who have risked their lives for me. An odd mix of people that I love more than anything.

What did you ask for on your last birthday? What did you get? 

I don't celebrate my birthdays. It feels weird to me.

What is the one thing you wish other people knew about you? 

I would like people to see my human side. 

What is your biggest secret--the one thing you don't want ANYBODY to know? 

How I hurt someone I love in a way that can never be forgiven.

What are you most afraid of? 

Losing the people I love.

What do you want more than anything? 

To be happy.


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Toni said...

Great interview!! Not sure if I would have picked up the book if I saw the cover, but after such a great review, I really want to read it. Added to TBR. Hope to hear when the next one comes out!!

tears_of_fire said...

Wow on the cover! I would pick this up to find out more. I really like the way the story sounds. It is going on my to be read list. :)

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