Chat Room? Whats this I hear about a chat room? Yep you heard correctly! 

I do have a chat room you can Chat with other readers, Authors, or Myself. 

It has multiple ways to log in. This Does NOT store your login information. 

You may use your:

Twitter account
Facebook Account
Myspace Account
Yahoo Account

You have choice to talk in a main room or privately. When login with a social account you can also chat with anyone you have on that list on this with out ever leaving. For example: You log in with your Facebook account into the Were Vamps Romance Chat room. You can now chat with Readers visiting WVR and Facebook Friends at the same time. 

This is found ON THE BAR, Bottom Right corner of your Computer Screen on every one of my pages.

You can leave messages for other readers as well there. It does save your COMMENTS. However people can not link to you unless you are online. 

Don't Have an EReader but want to Win and Read an Ebook? 
NO Problem! As long as you have your own computer!
(Please note you will have to read them on the computer if you do not own an EReader)

What are eBooks?
An eBook is an electronic book. eBooks are books that you either read on your computer (PDFs or EPUB) or books that you download to your computer and transfer to your eReader (EPUB).

Which eReaders can I download eBooks to?
The major eReaders that support Adobe Digital Editions are the following:

Barnes & Noble Nook
Sony eReaders
Borders Kobo

How do I get started downloading?
First, create an Adobe ID then download Adobe Digital Editions.

Launch Adobe Digital Editions

Now your ready to get a book.

Get a book to download from The site you choose or one the The author has provided to you (With coupon code). When searching for eBooks, be sure to choose Adobe PDF or EPUB from the All formats menu.

Hit Download and Save the file to a location of your choosing. 

Launch Adobe Digital Editions.
Open the folder where you saved your file.
drag and drop file into the Adobe Digital Editions Library.


Begin reading on computer


Transfer to an eReader by dragging and dropping the file into your eReader icon


It is that simple.

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