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Guest Genre Author - Kimberly Kincaid - Book Review, Author Interview, Book Giveaway

Pushing the Line (The Line #4)
by Kimberly Kincaid

Free-spirited artist Harper McGee is happy to go wherever the wind takes her…until her flight pattern sends her back to Brentsville, New York for her beloved grandmother's funeral. Harper’s grief turns to shock, however, when she discovers her grandmother has named her sole proprietor of her candy shop, Luscious. But she has no intention of being anchored to one place, and anyway, she doesn’t know the first thing about running a kitchen or a business. Selling Luscious is the only viable option— until the shop catches fire due to old wiring. Fixing the damage requires major work, and if Harper wants to put it on the market, she needs major help.

Thrill-seeking firefighter Aaron Fisher has never walked away from a challenge or a friend. So when a fellow firefighter is hurt on a call and can’t complete a side job for his contracting company, Aaron’s quick to jump in. He’s done plenty of fix ‘er ups for his buddy in the past, and despite his silver spoon upbringing and his no-holds-barred attitude, swinging a hammer suits Aaron just fine. That is, until he discovers the client is the same impetuous woman he forcibly dragged from the flames of Brentsville’s local candy shop.

The more time Harper and Aaron spend at Luscious, the hotter their attraction burns, daring them both to shed their tough outer layers to reveal the tender desires beneath. But when a buyer makes Harper the offer of a lifetime, she must choose between roots and wings. Can two people who live in the moment learn to see past the moment, or will Aaron and Harper always live their lives pushing the line?

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When Harper goes to Brentsville to attend the funeral of her grandmother Izzy she finds herself the new owner of her grandmothers Brownstone house and a well-known candy shop Luscious. Tempted to sell the newly acquired real estate, to get on her way, she goes by to check out the candy shop and finds it filling with smoke. With the kitchen full of smoke she call 9-1-1. When she tries to go in to save antiques the firefighter, throws her on his shoulder, to save what’s left with his patients.

Later Harper, needs to sell the candy shop. The only way that’s going to happen is if she repairs the damage done during the fire. So of course she hires a contractor, and who shows up? The firefighter! Aaron Fisher, longtime resident to Brentsville, Very fond of the candy shop’s Salted Caramels (My personal fav, too). Not only is he the firefighter, but he helps his friend out with his contractors business.
Overall it is a wonderful novella. The plot/Pace flows and curves well. The characters or relatable and hot. The romance is steamy and not overly done. The storytelling is refreshing and funny. It’s a great read, and the only complaint I would have is that I am now hungry. LOL! A five star rating all the way.

Author Interview
With our Guest Genre Author
Contemporary Romance Author 
Kimberly Kincaid

Can you tell us a little about yourself?

I write contemporary romance that splits the difference between sexy and sweet. I like fast cars, slow dances and cupcakes (not always in that order), and I live outside of Richmond, VA with my family.

How do you develop your plots and characters? Do you use any set formula?

I do a lot of brainstorming, and I have amazing critique partners who help with the process. I also play the "what if" game a lot-- "what if a workaholic cop got injured on the job and had to rely on his partner's sister for something while he healed?" "what if a firefighter trying to stay out of trouble to save his job fell for the captain's daughter?", that kind of thing. There's no formula, but I take lots of notes, and they're always messy. If I don't write it down, the ideas don't feel real!

What, in your opinion, are the most important elements of good writing?

This is a great question! There are lots of things that need to go into a great story for me, but I think the most important one is a strong, identifiable voice. That's what makes the author "sound" like him/her, and also allows each character to then sound unique. It's what keep me turning the pages, for sure!

If you had to choose which writer would you consider a mentor?

This one is easy! Bella Andre. I met her in 2010, when I had just joined the Romance Writers of America, and even though I was a totally newbie, she was so helpful and open with her advice. We stayed in touch, and she still gives me great advice! Plus, I love her books. Win-win!

How long did it take you to write it, and did you have any writer’s block along the way?

Pushing The Line is a shorter book (even though the story is complete-- no cliffhangers!) and it was a rare one in that I wrote it really fast. I did the draft in about 3 weeks, then the editing and smoothing in another week after that. I didn't have writer's block-- the hero, Aaron, had been in the book before this one and I "knew" him pretty well. Harper, the heroine, was super-easy to write because she was so feisty and fun. It all just came together on Pushing The Line!

Will we be seeing a following book to this stories?

Funny you should ask! The Line Series is complete with Pushing The Line as the last of four shorter books...BUT...there will be a spinoff series of at least three new books set in Brentsville, with cameos from all of the original Line Series, starting in late 2015.

How did you come up with the main character?

I actually wrote Aaron (the hero) into the book before this one, Outside The Lines, as a secondary character because my hero in that book needed a "support character" (a best friend, a family member, someone to hang out with and talk to when the going gets tough). Aaron was never supposed to have a book...until readers started asking for it! Hot, tatted up, adrenaline junkie firefighter? Yeah. I should've known I was going to write him a book!

I always must ask, If you could pick an actor to portray your Two main characters on the big screen who would it be and why?

Love this question! Aaron would be Alex Minsky (dark hair, great smile, ink, ink, ink...) and Harper would be Jessica Alba.

Do you have any favorite conferences you attend? What are they?

I have three school-age kids, so conferences are tough sometimes...but I always go to the Romance Writers of America national conference, and I try to go to RT as well. This year I'll be at Moonlight and Magnolia's in Atlanta on October 1-4, and the Washington Loves Readers event on October 10 in Bethesda, MD, as well. Come see me!

If you had a superpower, what would it be?

I'd be able to go without sleep. Too much stuff to do! Too little time!

what secret talents do you have?

I'm ambidextrous :)

Where is one place you would like to visit that you haven't been before?

I really want to go on a wine and food tour in Tuscany. Who wants to go with me?!

What is something you hope to accomplish before you die?

I'd like to live a life I'm proud of. So far, so good...

If you could have any accent for anywhere in the world, what would you choose?

For me? I'd probably keep my smart mouth as is, but on a hero...I am a huge sucker for a southern accent on a man. Just...yes please.

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