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Giveaway, 3 Reviews, & Interaction with Author Danielle Gavan!

PhotobucketPossession is Nine Tenths - Ardeur

Desperate to evict her demon, Necromancer Ardeur Blais Lisle never dreamed of finding herself in Mount Angel Abbey, or that it would a sanctuary run by angels. It seems to be the perfect solution to her problem when she discovers the key to getting rid of her co-pilot. She persuades the Angel of Death to intercede; but the consequences are direr than expected. He's playing for keeps.

A promise kept...

Released from military service, Werewolf Brody Callaghan never expected to find the woman he'd sworn to find running down the street towards him, and straight into the path of a speeding BMW. Fate steers him towards the Abbey and will give him what he wants - but he'll have to fight Death for it, and the angel is playing dirty.

Her freedom might be the end of Ardeur's relationship with Brody and a life away from everything she never thought she'd have in the arms of a werewolf with dimples and a charmer's grin. They'll have to race to save their love, and unborn children, from an off his rocker angel. With the clock ticking they'll have to figure it out, and fast.

REVIEW: Possession is Nine Tenths - Ardeur

Overall I found this story to be great for readers who expect something different and more from a Urban fantasy novel. Readers who also like their Urban Fantasy dark. The beginning of this story draws you in with a necromancer child (Ardeur) that is caught up in cruelty. This story pulls at your feelings from the get go. I found myself running through every emotion. There were parts of this story I felt a strong urge to reach in and do serious damage to someone. Another part I was completely wrapped up in the touching Relationship our heroine has with a werewolf (Brody). The world and setting were rich, and original. The characters were great. You’ll just love the heroine Ardeur’s personality and the strength she holds. The plot and storyline was well written and fast paced, Using so many different topics, strong feelings, and one hell of a created world. I would recommend you give this book a serious try. It was a great read. definitely something different and original.

My Rating: 5 Stars!

PhotobucketCursed - The Erotic Adventures of Sidony Tassen

Sidony Tassen hasn’t had an orgasm in one hundred years.

Found naked in the king’s bed on her twenty first birthday, Sidony is cursed to remain unfulfilled until she can find the key to unlocking sexual satisfaction once again.

Join Sidony on her sultry sexcapades filled with court intrigue, betrayal and ménage-à-trois that will keep you hungry until the very last page.

Content advisory: Contains scenes of m/f sex, m/f/m sex, oral sex. Intended for adults only.

REVIEW: Cursed - The Erotic Adventures of Sidony Tassen

This book was a great story of a woman who is cursed for doing something she did not really do. As a result she can’t have an orgasm. It does not help matters that she is a vampire who is going to live with this curse a lot longer then the standard human. Pretty much sucks right? I loved Danielle Gavan writing style. The plot and story line flowed well, and the originality was great. The world and setting is much like our own. Danielle did a great job of making it feel as though this is an everyday thing. Vampires in a human world. I found the pace was awesome, It kept me turning the pages. Towards the end the story threw me through a little loop. For a minute there I thought that ending was going to turn one way and it did a complete 180 . The cover of the story as you can see is smoking hot! A great short (70 pg on my Nook) read! I am hoping the might be a sequel to this. I do recommend this story.

My Rating: 5 Stars!

PhotobucketTarnished Tiaras

Princesses Gone Wild...

It takes a special kind of kiss to wake Sleeping Beauty. The Beast loves to tie up his Beauty, Belle, and he’s not afraid to use his riding crop to give her what she needs.
Cinderella certainly enjoys her Prince Charming—but the coachman and the Grand Duke will do in a pinch!
Tarnished Tiara’s brings you all these dirty stories and more. Snow White’s got her friendly dwarves to keep her company when her husband is away; and Tink finally gets a taste of Peter.
Think you know what happens after the Happily Ever After? Step into the pages and imagine more...

Content advisory: Contains scenes of m/f sex, m/f/m sex, oral sex, light BDSM and anal play. Intended for adults only

REVIEW: Tarnished Tiaras

Naughty, Naughty! This book was awesome! It took certain famous princess stories and added an adult twist. This book you can expect to find very short stories of naughty version of Cinderella, Snow White, and Tinkerbell! Oh my! Danielle’s awesome writing style can be expected and the pace is fast. This read will definitely fog up any reading glasses you may have on.

Find Author Danielle Gavan:


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Denise K. Rago said...

All your novels sound wonderful!

Unknown said...

Thanks Denise!

Melissa - Thanks so much for having me on the blog today and for the wonderful reviews. You're a peach! ;)

tears_of_fire said...

I haven't read ony of your books but I think I will have to now :) I am definitely intigued.

tears_of_fire said...

meant to say "intrigued" silly fingers missed the R.

Unknown said...

Here's hoping you win then. The print edition of Everything Erotic contains a good portion of Cursed and a preview of Tarnished Tiaras as well as some other work I co-wrote.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with your writing! I haven't read anything by you, and i'm not a huge fan of the erotica, but who knows, I'll give it a shot and see!


RFTC Blog said...

Wow your books definitely look steamy. I am loving your covers. Thanks for the giveaway.


Unknown said...

Candy - Ardeur isn't erotica. Give that one a try. ;)

Danielle - Thanks! I designed them all.

Good luck to both of you.

lindalou said...

Wow! You designed your own covers? They're hot... Thanks for the give-a-way opportunity to win copies of your books!
Linda T., USA

Melissa said...

Thank you Danielle For joining me during my Authors Month In April Event. Also for letting me review and show case your awesomeness! ;)

Danielle, you are a sweetheart I loved working with you! I hope to do so much more in the future.

To The Readers thank you everyone for coming by I really enjoy hearing what you guys like, and what you have to say! I look forward to reading more comments!

Unknown said...

Linda - Thanks.. and you're welcome ;)

Melissa - It was equally my pleasure to work with you and I hope we can work together again in the future. Maybe in July when I release Cassiela, the follow-up book to Ardeur. ;)

Chelsea Rafferty said...

Wow, this is a great month! I wish I had been here from the very beginning. I keep stumbling across new authors that have fascinating plots and I'm a huge sucker for werewolf, vampires, shifters, and dirty snow white stories? Puhlease :D I love all paranormal + most erotica And Danielle's books definitely look they meet those criteria :D Love adding new names to my list. Thanks Melissa for posting the reviews as well :)

email swtlilangel4jc @ yahoo dot com :)

Unknown said...

Welcome, Chelsea. Love the enthusiasm! :)

Stay tuned - I'm hauling some of the ladies from Everything Erotic over here with me later this month. We're going to set the place on fire. ;)

Jolene and Family said...

Loving the covers!! These sound Hot, can't wait to get my hands on them

Unknown said...

Thanks, Jolene! I hope you enjoy what's behind the covers just as much.

Amy said...

These sound really hot, with bondage thrown in! Would love to read them!

Chelsea Rafferty said...

Danielle, Thank you! :) I adore reading...so as you can tell I am definitely super enthusiastic about it lol ;) I also like to meet and chat with the authors and one day I'll be able to afford to go to some of those fab reading events *drools* :)

And ohhhhhhh I'll totally check back next month then.. I love some erotica RAWR! :D

Unknown said...

Amy - Good luck!

Chelsea - Check out http://everythingerotic.blogspot.com Delilah Devlin's up today and, wow... hot! ;)

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