Author's Month
June 2015
We're celebrating authors! This is the month(s) we have an author everyday of the month. Readers find new authors to read, or the lastest book they wanted to get their hands on (but may have forgotten about). This is a huge event.  It only happens once a year and it help show case new and upcoming books to readers. 

(Subject to change)

Upcoming Events

Please Use BLUE Left and Right Tabs to go to the next months.
If day is blank, it simply means 
I have no requests for that day and I am doing my own thing.

Upcoming Events

There are currently New Awards, Events and Contests being set up as we speak. Please keep checking back, you might not want to miss out on the fun. 

Check out Author's Month showcases:
April 2011

Reader's Choice

The Difference Between the Reader choice and the Standard show case is the author is being requested by a reader of the WVR blog site. Where as the standard is where Just the blog owner invites you or you sign up on your own. Readers choice is something new I put together to help the readers share, with the rest of the site, their favorite authors. In return they get an autographed item of the authors choice (normally a book). This is a thank you to the reader. If you choose just standard showcase then the reader who requested you does not get an autographed item.

sign up here


One Year Anniversary of the blog I will be giving away a gift.
Authors are invited to part-take in this event.

Happy Reading,

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