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Reader Choice Author - Laura Wright - Author Interview and Book Giveaway!

Readers Choice's
Author Laura Wright

A dark and sexy debut paranormal romance

In the dark, fear and desire are one...

Alexander Roman wants nothing to do with those of his vampire breed. Fate places him at the door of Dr. Sara Donohue, who is dedicated to removing patients' traumatic memories. But as their world's collide, Sara and Alexander are bound by something even stronger as one becomes hunter and the other, prey. And Sara's only chance of survival is to surrender to the final-and most unimaginable-desire of her life.

Eternal Hunger
Published October 5th 2010 by Signet (first published September 11th 2010)
ISBN - 045123149X (ISBN13: 9780451231499) .
series - Mark of the Vampire #1

Raised by the Breed, Nicholas Roman wants to stop the Eternal Order of Vampires from controlling his life, and using other males from his bloodline-including possibly his son-for their vicious reign. Only a beautiful vampire stranger can help him. But what are her true motives?

Eternal Kiss
Paperback, 384 pages
Published April 5th 2011 by Signet (first published February 23rd 2011)
ISBN - 0451233840 (ISBN13: 9780451233844)
series - Mark of the Vampire #2

Author Interview By Requesting Fan
How and when did you start writing?

You know, 15 years ago I was an actress and singer and a competitive ballroom and Latin dancer, and while it was fun and all it wasn't the complete and total passion I was looking for. I had thought about writing many times over those years but never believed I could make it happen. One day I saw that UCLA Extension had a romance writing course and I took a chance and signed up. Let me tell you that class changed my life. Talk about passion!!

Lol.. I wrote every day, all day for 3 years. I had lots of rejections on my first book ? but I expected it and never felt derailed by it. I kept at it and kept at it until I sold. And you know what? That passion has never died or even waned over the past 15 years! :) Love every moment of this crazy and wonderful journey..

How do you like writing a paranormal compared to traditional romance?

Love it! It's amazing and so freeing! Way-out-there imagination is never a hindrance like it can be in other sub-genres of romance. In paranormal, the sky's the limit!

Did any paranormal authors influence you?

Sooo many! J R Ward, Jennifer Lyon, Larissa Ione, Nalini Singh, Lora Leigh.. just to name a few :)

If you could be any paranormal creature what would you be and why?

Werewolf Female ALL THE WAY!! God, that would rock so hard!!

If you could write with any one author who would it be and why?

Wooowie Wow! Just one?? Okay. Here goes. Alexandra Ivy :)

If you could list three things that make you smile what would they be?

1. My husband and kids
2. A Pick-Ur-Own Sign :)
3. My computer, opened up and ready, my ear buds ? a good jam playing ? and a steaming cup of coffee.

What was the inspiration for this series?

The Breeding Male. He was the first character I saw, and pushed me into asking all sorts of questions. As I started answering them, I knew this was going to be a huge and dynamic world.

If you could spend the day with one of your characters who would it be and why?

Jeez, GREAT question!! Gahhhh.. okay, it would have to be Nicky. He's a professional.. if you know what I mean :) I'd really love to experience his "gifts."

Who was your most difficult character to write and who was the easiest?

Nicky was very difficult. He was a tough nut to crack and his backstory hurt me so much. That scene in the club when Kate forces him to face the truth was brutal.
Easiest.. probably Ladd, the little balas :)

What about the paranormal genre fascinates you?

Mega Alpha Males in every form :)

Who is your favorite author and what is it that strikes you about their work?

I love, love., love Jude Deveraux. I was a romance novel virgin before Jude. She was my first. I think what I love so much about her writing is the story telling. She's just a great storyteller. I always feel captivated with her world and her characters.

If you could describe yourself in 5 words what would they be?

1. Driven
2. Fun loving
3. Emotional
4. Empathetic
5. Impatient :)

Can you tell us about a unique or quirky habit you have?

Okay, this one is new, but it has quickly because a habit. I'm totally obsessed by it, in fact. My friend started a company called, Clean Mama and it's all about working out while you're doing housework. Sounds intriguing, right? Or insane? :) So she taught me all these little workouts like pushups against the sink while I wait for the coffee to finish or the microwave to ding. Leg lifts while I text or talk on the phone. It's genius!!

What is the hardest part of writing for you?

Turning off the motherf&*#ing Internet :)

What can we look forward to in Lucian's book?

Oooo, Lucian's book!! Well, if I did my job right, you can expect a lot of emotion- gut wrenching at times - a good deal of controversy, blistering and binding sex, and a truly romantic love Story. :)

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