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Giveaway & Author Interview with NYT best selling author Dianna Love

PhotobucketNYT best selling author Dianna Love

Interview Questions:

Can you tell us a little about yourself?

I grew up in Florida and came into this world with the ability to draw and paint photo-realistic portraits, which started me on the road to building a career with my art. That ultimately led to writing, oddly enough, because I spent so many hours alone working at times that I made up stories in my mind to entertain myself. In 2001, I decided to write those stories down and that launched my writing career. I write pretty much every day of the week, but when I can break away I love to saltwater fish and ride my motorcycle (BMW F 650 GS). My husband is a motorcycle safety instructor and a long distance rider so we take off on bike trips when we can. After flying so much all year long it’s a nice change.

Do you recall how your interest in writing originated?

I’ve always been a voracious reader. It was the only way I got to go anywhere because I couldn’t afford to actually travel to any of the places in books for many years. So I read everything from thrillers to historicals to romance to paranormal to mysteries to sci-fi and more. I have a Quaantum Book Club program on my website and the motto is “A Book. The power to go anywhere.” It’s true. (Yes, is spelled with two a’s, because I liked the name but wanted something unique for this program.) So while hanging over a hundred feet in the air painting large murals I would get bored because I’d painted for so long I could do it almost without looking. This was before iPods and I hated to listen to radio because of commercials. I started making up stories to keep myself entertained on fifteen-hour days spent all alone. When I stopped climbing as much, I started putting one of those ideas down on paper.

Evalle Kincaid
I have a nice time following you on Twitter. In 140 characters or less, sum Blood Trinity for us.

Framed for killing a human and facing a death sentence, Evalle gambles her future to stop an ancient Belador enemy from destroying mankind.

What surprised you the most about the writing/publishing process?

That authors were such a diverse collection of people. I had a stereotype in mind of someone who had studied writing their whole life, certainly not an artist. That’s why I would not tell anyone about my background as an artist for the first year I was in Georgia Romance Writers, a chapter of Romance Writers of America. I was sure they’d boot me out. :) Not only did they let me stay , but that was where I got my foundation for writing and where I found out authors have every kind of background you can imagine…and some you’d never guess. No one would ever have guessed that I had spent most of my adult life climbing high in the air to paint huge murals and portraits for advertisers.

What were your inspirations for your part in creating this story?

I started this story premise long before urban fantasy became the huge market is today. Paranormal romance was huge and the Belador stories have strong romantic elements, but the series is Urban Fantasy, not romance, so I heard “we don’t know how to market this story.” But I stuck with my initial idea instead altering it to “fit the market,” which turned out to be the right thing to do. I had this idea about the descendants of ancient warriors living among today’s world of humans in almost a sleeper cell way. I also got to thinking, “What would happen if gods and goddesses of different mythologies bumped into each other…or had a dispute? Who would win in a battle of these powerful beings?” So that got me thinking about VIPER – a coalition of powerful beings that united to protect this world against supernatural predators. Some pantheons joined…some didn’t. The ruling force is a Tribunal composed of three gods/goddesses, and the mix of those three changes depending upon the situation. From all those “what ifs” grew the idea of having three close friends – Evalle, Tzader and Quinn
Tzader Burke

– who are in every story. They are all Beladors, but Evalle has mixed blood that makes her an Alterant. After Sherrilyn Kenyon had been so gracious to ask me to co-author her ongoing BAD Agency romantic suspense series with her, I made the offer in return to co-author this series when our publisher (Pocket) asked if we had an urban fantasy idea.

Most people will/have probably found this book to leave them aching for the next book, how long did it take you & Sherrilyn Kenyon to write it, and did you have any writer’s block along the way?

That’s nice of you to describe Blood Trinity that way. This book took about four months. Some take less time and some take much longer. Any time you create from zero there’s no way to know what will be involved. I know it seems like it would become a repetitive process, but anything repetitive bores me and I can’t work on something that bores me so every story has to be unique to hold my attention. Sherrilyn is the same way. As for writer’s block, I know others have suffered, but I’ve never run into it. From what I’ve gathered about writer’s block, the author is stuck because they don’t know how to move forward or the “story isn’t working.” I think the reason I’m always moving ahead is because of how I approach writing. In the Break Into Fiction® Power Plotting program I created with Mary Buckham, we developed a series of questions that we use to find plot holes or test a story – the questions you can’t answer will generally uncover the problem, which then might help you move forward.

How do you develop your plots and characters? Do you use any set formula?

No set plan or formula. I believe in Character-Driven Plotting®, which is a phrase we coined while creating Break Into Fiction®. One is tied to the other. An idea on a character might spawn a plot idea or vice versa. Once you get rolling into the story, I feel the plot/character should develop almost like braiding hair. Sometimes the situation you put a character in brings out their true personality or a character does something that prompts a new element for the plot. Sometimes a plot forces characters to surprise us. Even when you know the backbone for the story there are plenty of room for the unexpected.

I just love the men in books. How did you come up with the male characters?

PhotobucketBesides the men Sherrilyn and I grew up around in our families, we both worked primarily in male-dominated fields. I love the way men think and act. They can be so different from each other personality wise or by background and still share some common factors that will trip them up with a woman. As different as night and day,Tzader and Quinn still share similar qualities of honor and being protective, but they show these traits in different ways. I enjoy taking an Alpha male and throwing him into a situation with a woman who is his match then just stand back and wait for the explosion. :)

If you could pick one actor to portray your ideal male lead character, from this book, on the big screen who would it be and why?

I’ve heard Sherrilyn say “Who would have thought Robert Downey, Jr would be the perfect Stark in IRONMAN or saw Orlando Bloom and thought of Legolas in Lord of the Rings?” Not me, but I applaud the choices. I have never tried to figure out actors for Blood Trinity although we get plenty of emails from fans asking about movie interest.

What, in your opinion, are the most important elements of good writing?

I can only tell you what good writing means to me as a reader and how that’s what I personally try to achieve. The one most important above all – IMHO – is story telling. Tell me a good story to the point I don’t even notice the words. Take me on a ride that I don’t want to get off. I love to occasionally read a phrase or sentence that makes me think, “That was a great line or wonderful description,” but that will only happen if the story holds me rapt to reach that point. I call those unusual sentences and interesting phrases slipped in along the way treats for the brain. If a story is well written, it stays with me when I put it down. I walk around thinking about the characters and what transpired.

This was a great story set with different worlds. Was there anything you find particularly challenging in your writing?

LOL - I find everything challenging in writing, but anything worth creating is going to take work. The more complex a story is the easier it is to hold my attention, which means it also makes me crazy. I love the huge canvas that paranormal allows for creating characters and worlds. One of the hardest things is keeping an eye on your world building so that you don’t break a rule. I have an amazing assistant, Cassondra Murray, who is an excellent beta reader on our stories before we hand it to our terrific editor. Writing is difficult, but having a top support team makes all the difference.

What were your feelings when you first saw the cover?

PhotobucketLOVE at first sight. I designed the triangle emblem that is the Belador Triquetra. Sherrilyn came up with the idea of putting the sword on the cover so that it wraps the cover (if you open the cover you’ll see the entire sword with the blade on the spine). Pocket’s outstanding art department did the rest. They just gave us the new cover for ALTERANT – I’m in love again.

Is there a message in this novel that you want readers to grasp?

First, I want to entertain a reader and for them to enjoy the time they indulge for reading. After that, I want them to walk away with a sense of hope about the world and a belief that the majority of people are good at the core. A Belador may have to dig out that good at the tip of a sharp dagger, but it’s there. :)

 I’m hosting a My Feenix™ Art Contest at so if you’re an artist or know of any please share the site.  There’s $10,000 in prizes and they have three different ways to create an image of Feenix, our adorable gargoyle in the Belador series.  Thanks!



PRIZES – Tell us what you enjoy most about Urban Fantasy or Paranormal Romance (or just say hello!) and Melissa will draw THREE names who will each win:

A copy of Blood Trinity (signed by both Dianna and Sherrilyn), a Belador Tshirt (limited quantity since it can't be sold) and both of those in a Belador lunch bag.



Clary said...

I love the well defined and sexy characters in PR and UF books. Their lives seem so exciting. :D

Thanks for the interview and giveaway.

Denise K. Rago said...

Thank you for the interview Dianna.

Ren said...

Hi Diana and Mellisa..

Thanks for the interview and giveaway :)

Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy are my favorite genre, but mostly I read Paranormal Romance. I love both this genre, because, it's unique, have a wonderful world building, any type of hero and heroine (alpha, beta, ass-kick heroine), and full of action. Oh, and the story is sexy too.

I'm an old GFC follower and older than 18


sawamura_foxman at yahoo dot com

Dianna Love said...

Hello everyone -

A huge thanks to Melissa for inviting me and putting together this blog. She did a beautiful job!

Dianna Love said...

Hi Clary -

Urban Fantasy is a lot of fun because of the characters and the world building. Feenix, Evalle's gargoyle, has been a hoot.

Thanks for stopping by.

Dianna Love said...

Hi Denise -
Glad you came by to visit!

Dianna Love said...

Hi Ren -

I know what you mean about loving both but one being your favorite. I hear it both ways all the time. Readers are always saying the love having so much to choose from.

thanks for saying hello today!

Lin said...

I loved Blood Trinity and can't wait for the release of Alterant

me said...

I have to honestly say I didn't think I was into the 'romance' part of paranormal books until a friend introduced me to Sherrilyn's books one year ago, and I have been hooked ever since(It took me 5 months to read all the DH/Dreamhunter/werehunter; B.A.D. series, etc). I literally was sucked in to the worlds you created! That also transitioned me into the two of you and the collaboration with B.A.D. Agency--which I hope there will be more of those. I waited on pins and needles for Blood Trinity, and devoured it quickly. I thankfully will have some new reads to bide my time until book two of Belador hits the stores. sigh....

Dianna Love said...

Hi Lin -

Thanks for reading Blood Trinity and glad you enjoyed it. :) We're so excited about Alterant - can wait to get it out in Sept!

thanks for visiting today.

Melanie S. said...

I love those genres because it's great to explore new worlds and read what is all possible :)
greetings, Melanie

booksforalleternity at gmail dot com

Dianna Love said...

Hi cmw1ut -
Sherrilyn is amazing and the best introduction to paranormal. I'm thrilled you've enjoyed both of our series. Yes, we do plan to do more BAD. Glad you enjoyed Blood Trinity. Alterant is full of new surprises...wish I could say more. :)

thanks for visiting today!

Dianna Love said...

Hi Melanie S -
I agree - the fun part is having a huge canvas to create on. I love the freedom that urban fantasy and paranormal gives us to build unusual worlds.

thanks for stopping by!

Kym said...

I love Paranormal Romance for the steamy characters and fantasy aspects, anything can happen :)

Diana Love is by far one of the nicest Authors, and really interacts with her fans.

Really nice interview !


Dianna Love said...

Hi Kym -
Oh, you're so sweet. I love visiting with readers. It's THE best part of being an author besides getting to do what I love most - tell stories.

thanks for coming over to visit today!

Unknown said...

Hey there :)

Great interview! It's nice to know more about u. I love paranormal because it takes me away from my everyday life, which can be quite boring :) I love new worlds and feel like an explorer when reading about them.

tears_of_fire said...

I love how they can do anything in the books. You never know what might happen or where the stories will go :)

Dianna Love said...

Hi Leanne -

I love your comparing the adventures in paranormal stories to feeling like an explorer, because that's how I feel some days. I like to see different things (often in my mind - lol) when working on a new story.

thanks for stopping by!

Dianna Love said...

Hi Tears of fire -

I think the joy of reading and writing comes from the surprises we find around every corner in a story. The more surprises, the happier I am.

thanks for visiting today!

AquarianDancer said...

What I love most about Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance are the worlds the authors create. When I read a book I want to leave my world behind, not enter my own world through someone else's eyes. In this genre I can live in a world somewhat like ours where almost anything is possible, or in a completely new world where the rules are unknown.

My email is

Dianna Love said...

Hi Aquarian Dancer -
I agree about paranormal and UF allowing you to leave your world. I want that as a reader, too. I love to get lost in a story to the point I forget everything around me. That has stayed foremost in my mind when writing - to offer that escape I so enjoy.

thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Anonymous said...

What I love most about UF and PR is the escapism. Good interview--I enjoyed reading it, thank you.
jbherbal @ hotmail dot co dot uk.

Anonymous said...

What I love most about UF and PR is the escapism. Good interview--I enjoyed reading it, thank you.
jbherbal @ hotmail dot co dot uk.

Dianna Love said...

HI jabelfield -

Melissa asked great questions. Glad you enjoyed the interview and paranormal/UF stories.

thanks for stopping by!

Melissa said...

Yes but it is the Interview questions that make it truly awesome!

Hey Dianna!

Just stopping by to see all the awesome comments! I hope eveyone is having fun! I know I am!

Carlene Love said...

Hi Dianna and Melissa! I think what I like most about the urban fantasy and paranormals when paired with a romance are that you can explore all these cool new worlds which is great for our imaginations but also feel grounded in the very basic concept of a love story. So it's the perfect balance! Hope you both have a great afternoon and weekend!
Thank you--Carlene Love

Cassondra said...

Hi Dianna! *waves*

Melissa, this is a great interview! Excellent questions.

Don't put me in for the drawing, of course, but I wanted to stop by and say hello. What a great site you have here!

I admit that before Dianna and Sherrilyn started writing this series, I wasn't an urban fantasy reader, but I've fallen in love with the genre through these books. I do like the ones that leave me with a sense of hope though. Always one for the happy ending, even in a series.

I've seen some of the next book, and I'll tell you that if y'all like BLOOD TRINITY, you're going to love ALTERANT.

Dianna Love said...

Hi Melissa -
You're too modest. I've enjoyed clicking through the other interviews and hope everyone who stops by today will take a look at the authors who are participating this month.


Dianna Love said...

Hi Carlene -
Is Love your last name too? My MIL's name is Karlene so I did a double take on your name (and she was a school teacher who taught at Ft. Benning for a bazillion years). Too fun.

I love always having a romantic element in any story and the feel of being grounded in a world you can relate to even if it's a paranormal world.

Thanks for stopping by today!

Dianna Love said...

Let me introduce my amazing assistant, Cassondra, who is also a gifted writer working on an unusual story. She's an early reader on the books so she knows what's coming next in Sept when we release Alterant.

Hello Cassondra -
You may not find friends here once they realize you've had an early look at Alterant - lol. Thanks for dropping by to say hello.

BTW - Cassondra is part of the Romance Bandits blog and I'll be visiting them next Tuesday on April 19th (yes, I'll be giving away something fun that day, too).

Melissa said...

"Yes but it is the Interview ANSWERS that make it truly awesome!

Hey Dianna!

Just stopping by to see all the awesome comments! I hope eveyone is having fun! I know I am!"

... Never leave comments in a very active Dr. Office. Distraction is horrible!

Charlene: thank you!
To everyone thank you so much for coming by, I hope you do so again!!

Carlene Love said...

Hi Dianna,
Love is my middle name. I love hearing about other C/Karlene's. I don't get to meet many.
I also forgot to mention--I think it says a lot about an author who can convince me for example, that a guy who may morph into something that has yellow skin and horns is still tender and sweet and someone we can still fall in love with. I think you guys do that so well.

Michelle Bledsoe said...

Hi Dianna. I love paranormal romances. I don't think I have read an urban fantasy yet. This book looks extremely interesting. I will have to buy it for my TBR pile(which is getting big).I have enjoyed the BAD Agency series by you and Sherrilyn, so I know this one will be just as good.


Debbie Kaufman said...

Hi, Dianna,
(Waves madly) Great interview. I must confess I am getting impatient for Alterant after love, love, loving Blood Trinity!

Please leave me out of the contest. I already have fabulous swag from Dianna! Just saying hi!

Dianna Love said...

Melissa - lol, I know what you mean about typing around distractions. :)

Dianna Love said...

Carlene -
Love is actually my middle name too. When two publishers asked me to go with Love for a last name I said sure. I told my husband we're now dating again. Thanks for the compliment on the characters we create!!

Dianna Love said...

Hi Michelle B -
Thanks for reading the BAD agency and for trying out our new Belador series. We're having a great time with the urban fantasy. It's not a romance, but there are several relationships developing from Blood Trinity to the next book, Alterant, that comes out this Sept.

Thanks for visiting today!

Joni said...

Hi Dianna, Love your books. I enjoyed your interview and think you live a very interesting life.

Dianna Love said...

Hi Debbie -

I appreciate you sharing about reading Blood Trinity and can't wait to see Alterant out, too.

BTW, everyone - Debbie Kaufman has just sold her first book this year and the editor was so impressed with how polished The Doctor's Mission was that they put it into a November 2011 slot to come out this year. You can read more about her and the book at

thanks for coming by to visit today, Debbie.

Dianna Love said...

Hi Joni -
LOL - interesting is one way to describe our crazy life, but my husband and I enjoy it. He's a long distance motorcycle rider and is riding in a competition rally this weekend that runs 28 hours. It's like an extreme scavenger hunt where they rack up points. He'll ride 1200 miles in that time. I'll be on the road a lot starting a little over a week from now when Sherrilyn and I leave on tour for her new Born of Shadows book.

Our family uses words more like "insane" to describe our life. ;) thanks for stopping by.

Isis M. Nocturne said...

I love and read both PNR and UF to the point that I have argued with friends about books and which group they really belong to.

I think what I love most about both genres is that they give the reader another perspective on the most fun "What If..." questions that people think about every day of their lives.

BTW Dianna, I can't wait for Alterant! Blood Trinity is a fantastic book!

Barbara Vey said...

Hi Dianna, just stopped by to say hi and I love the cover of Alterant. I want to read it now...I hate waiting for books. :)

Dianna Love said...

Hi Isis -
I know what you mean about distinguishing between the two genres that are very similar. I, personally, see the PNR as being clearly romance where the relationship of one couple is the focus of that one book and UF has romantic "elements" with the same main characters returning in every book (like we have in the Belador series).

Thanks for reading Blood Trinity and glad you're looking forward to Alterant. We are too!

Thanks also for stopping by to say hello.

Dianna Love said...

Hi Barbara -
I hate waiting on books I look forward to as well, but unfortunately we can't write them as fast as everyone reads them. (we'd love to be able to write a good story that fast - lol)

BTW - for those of you who haven't met Barbara online or in person, she has the popular Beyond Her Book blog you should check out. After her anniversary party this year (with 22,000 comments in 6 days) one group created their own FB page as Friends From BEyond Her Book Party where you'll meet other readers (like Kym, Debbie & Isis - hope I didn't miss anyone) and authors.

thanks for stopping by today, Barbara.

Gabby said...

I sadly don't read a lot of Urban Fantasy novels I've been trying to successfully read one fore a long time and I just can't seem to get myself to finish. I haven't given up yet though.

Anyway out of the two, paranormal romance is my absolute favorite mainly because of the characters and the amazing worlds I've come across. I love being introduced to a new world!

I have a very strong imagination and love that the paranormal romance genre pulls me in faster then I ever thought possible, I love feeling like I'm in these amazing worlds with the characters and feeling what they do.

I love finding out about new books in this genre...I hate waiting for them but somehow I managed to wait without going crazy.

Dianna Love said...

Hi Gabby -
I'm glad you enjoy the PNR genre and understand how UF is not for everyone. UF has a wide range (dark, edgy, light, romantic, funny, etc) so you may not have hit on what you particularly look for in a story. I've heard readers say they had a hard time with an UF that left them sad at the end, which would be hard for me as well. But there are plenty that are fun and have strong romantic elements that you might just enjoy because you're obviously a fan of the paranormal world.

thanks for stopping by to visit!

Toni said...

What can I say about Dianna's writing? I enjoy it tremendously. Of course my first books from you are the BAD series. Love the action and the hard edged heros. So strong and sexy. You and Sherrilyn can write some great scenes. While I have Belador, I have not read it yet. know, I know I keep saying I'm going to start it. There has been some great books come out this last month...Plus all the great authors we met at the Beyond Her Book Party. UUGGHH TBR pile is just HUGE!! It is loaded on my reader though. Thanks for a great interview.

Toni said...

I always forget to add my email addy. It's likely too late, but tsteiner @

Thanks again Dianna for sharing this blog with us on FB.

Melissa said...

Hey Toni,

Not too late to enter! Still have 10 hours! Lol all you needed to do was be come a follower, be 18+, and leave a comment with email addy!

;) your good

Dianna Love said...

Hi Toni -

LOL - don't worry. The great thing about a book is an infinite shelf life. :) Glad you enjoy the BAD series (we love those characters too) and hope when you get a chance to read Blood Trinity you have fun with our new series.

As Melissa said, never too late to enter today. :)

thanks for coming by and visiting.

Toni said...

Thanks ladies. I did sign up for the email subscribtion. What a great site. Weres and Vamps and Romance. OH MY!! Can't wait for more info to come my way!

Silke said...

What do I love about it... it's hot, it's dark, it's sexy.
Wimps need not apply. :)
It just rocks.

And btw...



Silke said...

PS, I replied with my blogger account, I don't know if that counts -- but I don't uh... drop my email openly into a comment. :)

Anonymous said...


Thank you for the fabulous contest and congrats on all your success!
And I'm not really sure what it is that I love about paranormal romance, but I do love them especially Sherrilyn's!! I'm never dissappointed in anything she writes!~


Melissa said...

Silke: that's fine.

I've been looking for a cheap/safe web tool I can use for these contests. I have not found one yet.

Anyone know of one?

Dianna Love said...

Silke -

I think you covered it well, especially with wimps need not apply. lol I don't like to read wimpy characters (especially women) - love the diverse females in PNR and UF these days.

thanks for stopping by to say hello.

Dianna Love said...

Hi Candy -

I'm smiling about not knowing why you love the genre but just that you do. I'm like that about collecting hand cut eggs. I don't know why I love them, but they make me happy. Sherrilyn is amazing and will appreciate the love out here. :)

thanks for visiting today.

Dianna Love said...

I'm signing off for the night. I get up very early [even on the weekends] to work and I'm on the east coast. I'll jump on in the morning to check for any posts before I head out for the day, but THANKS so much for coming by to hang out with me. You made my day!!

And another thanks to Melissa for a wonderful blog site and for inviting me. Have a great night!!

Melissa said...

Dianna: thank so much for spending the day with us! You are so awesome for hanging with us! I hope you'll join us again!

Reader: CONTEST/GIVEAWAY is still open and will be till 12am tonight. It is currently 6:47pm (west coast).

Jacqui aka Jacs said...

Hey Melissa, wonderful interview :). Oh and not going to go for the draw, just stopping to say 'hi' to Dianna :)



One reason I love Sherri and your paranormal/urban fantasy is I never know what to expect out of each of your dark and twisted imaginations! Just when I think I know...I don't! You always keep me guessing. :)



p.s. dirty look at Cassondra *lol*

RFTC Blog said...

I love PNR because of the escapism. I love that I can open a book and escape into a world that is so unlike my own. Plus, PNR always has hot guys in it.

Melissa said...

Jacqui: thanks! It's always helpful and fun to see the responses authors have to the questions.

Thanks for stopping by!

Tevya said...

Hi! I'm a new follower. I was lucky enough to meet both Diana and Sherrilyn in Baton Rouge a few months ago. They are both fabulous women and I so enjoyed meeting them. It was well worth the wait in line as they both took the time to talk to us and make us feel important. <3

My favorite thing about PNR is the escape from reality into worlds that we can only imagine. The yummy, yummy males are a icing on the cake. :D

Tevya at Reading Lark

Chelsea Rafferty said...

Lovely interview :) I wrote a really long post earlier.. a small book in itself about why I like paranormal and it didn't let me post.. that was upsetting.. its now like 5 hours later and I'm hoping it will go through this time.

I like paranormal when an author can create a world I have never seen before that has a touch of romance or at least anticipation of a future romance. I don't mind books that are based on earth so to speak as long as there are lots of supernatural elements but its not the same thing everyone else uses. (like everyone using vampires, and they are all evil, they all suck blood, they all stay awake in night, sleep in day so forth) Interesting twists on supernatural elements or even created worlds I appreciate in the paranormal genre :D

Dianna Love said...

Hi Jacqui -

I planned to stop by here first thing before I had to head out to a workshop but that didn't work out. ;) Iol - I'm glad you enjoy the result of my and Sherri's twisted sense of humor. It keeps us sane when we're on the road so much. :)

thanks for stopping by.

Dianna Love said...

Hi Danielle -

Oh, yes, definitely hot guys in PNR and UF, plus they have all those fun abilities.

thanks for visiting the blog.

Dianna Love said...

Hi Tevya -
Oh, thanks so much for coming to see us in Baton Rouge. We had a blast with everyone. I appreciate your waiting to visit with us. And I definitely agree on the yummy guys. :)

thanks for stopping by and saying hello.

Dianna Love said...

Hi Chelsea -
You are such a trooper to come back and make the internet gods do what you want! You hit on a point that I'm always talking to new writers about - do something fresh with whatever you do. Back when I first came up with Beladors (over six years ago) they told me it was too unusual and didn't fit paranormal. That was before UF really expanded to accept new story lines. When our publisher asked about an UF idea from us, I made the offer to Sherri to work together on Belador after she has so graciously brought me in on the BAD Agency.

I love hearing readers talk about the Beladors being very different. That's what I'm looking for in a new PNR or UF.

thanks for coming back and posting (I'm hoping my small book posts now )!

Chelsea Rafferty said...

Hmm.. Interesting, maybe that could be a new story? "Chelsea makes Internet Gods bow to to her tiny feet". Hehe! ;) And I definitely don't mind a bizillion vampire books, just as long as each author has a "different" world I go to.. I don't care if there are similarities between them ALL.. just don't want them to be all the same.

Beladors are fascinating! Definitely a unique storyline and I love how she has a gargoyle as a pet (who obviously adores his mama!) And I think that's awesome that you brought Sherrilyn in, I haven't managed to read the BAD series yet... is that one paranormal at all or is it just sexy alpha men with like crime agencies? XD

I love new worlds and love Beladors, can't wait till you guys get 2 out :D

And no problem! I have enjoyed chatting with you these past few weeks or month maybe? lol I had to make it to your special interview :) And your book definitely posted.. watch.. mine won't now.... *insert dum de dum dum creepy Shark movie music here*

Lisa Richards/alterlisa said...

I love anthologies for getting a quick fix on a series what we've been in withdrawal for.


alterlisa AT yahoo DOT com

lindalou said...

I haven't read any of your books yet... but plan to! I had just "liked" your Facebook page and found the link here...
Linda T.

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