Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Silver Lining. By: Melissa Smith. Book Review.

You first met them in Cloud Nine, then again in Thunderhead when you discovered their great love story. But how did they make it happen?
My Review:
Come back to where it all began ♥ Silver Lining is a novella on how two of my favorite characters, Argento and Ari fell in love. It's a fun and interesting look into the beginning of a deliciously tender relationship that I have come to adore. Although Ari seems to be right on que where her charge is concerned, she may need a few pointers when it comes to the love of her life....her mate. A girl can only play hard to get for so long!! ;)

Argento is more then patient while waiting for Ari to realize that he is his mate. He has waited for her to come around, watching her from near and far for 50 years!! *Swoon* I think we need more Heros like Argento!! ;)

If you love the Guardians, you'll love this delightful look into where it all started! A little slice of Heaven not to be missed!!
My Rating: 5 Stars!!

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