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About The Blog

Werewolves, Vampires and all that's Paranormal Romance. 
I love the genre.

Everyday there is SOMETHING posted. I like to showcase both Award Winning Best sellers as well as Indie/Self-Pub. Authors. To bring you a Varity.  

My reviews are short, quick, and to the point. This is why my readers love me. I am different. I am Plain Jane, who will not waste time for those who wish to get on/off the computer quickly. Which is great for people checking at work (When their not suppose to), people who may have time restrictions on the computer (such as library computers), or people in a rush to get out the door but want to pick up a new book on the way home or online. 

You can find:

Author/Character Interviews
Author/Character Guest posts
Book/Ebooks/Swag Giveaways
Book Reviews
Interaction With Authors
And more to come. (Share what you want to see)

About Melissa 
Site Owner/Site Author

Hey there! I'm Melissa, Born in October 1982, and mother to 3 soft heart-ed girls and one very active little boy. I am completely in love with books. I read where ever I can. You might catch me on my Phone, Tablet, Nook, Kindle Fire, Computer, or good old fashion Printed book. I personally prefer Printed books. There is just something about the smell & feel of a book in your hand. Running this blog is definitely my favorite hobby. 

I do tend to wonder to similar genres. Also, my reviews are from the average Jane perspective. As I do not have a book critique for a career. I do give my honest opinion on the books I read. I tend to try to avoid all spoilers. I am not paid for anything I write and will state if I was in the post.

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