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Prue Batten - Giveaway, Character Guest Post, Review

A Thousand Glass Flowers
By: Prue Batten

Two people… one an extraordinary young woman, the other an embittered immortal man. Both seeking concealed spells that could annihilate Life.

In a quest through a world where Others lace their way in and out of the lives of mortals, this is a story of legend, love, and clashing ideals. A story of murder, regret and revenge… a story that journeys across a world hauntingly like our own.

My Review:

A Magical read. Author Prue Batten has created a whirl wind story that takes you on a ride of emotions. The character you’ll absolutely fall in love with. They are very believable and their stories will bond them to you. I found the plot and the pace to be very well done. Not once did I find myself wondering away from the story. The originality of this story put fairy tails in a whole new category. I found Prue writing style to be well developed. There was not anything I did not like about this magical read other then the fact that, like all great stories it must come to an end eventually.

My Rating 5 out of 5 Stars!

Character Guest Post

My name is Lalita Khatoun, lately of the Raj in the world of Eirie. But what does ‘lately’ mean, you ask? Ah, but you see I cannot tell you because it would ruin an epic tale of love and loss.

Where I am now I exist with my lover… a man of darkness as deep as an oubliette and of light that sparkles like the facets of a diamond. I suspect you think he is a vampire. Or perhaps a werewolf as our world has both. In Trevallyn the vampires are called the Strigoi and werewolves are just that – hairy shape-changers that kill.

But the fey man who is my lover is of another race entirely. His name is Finnian of the Færan and the Færan strike chills into the hearts of all women in Eirie. They have a habit of kissing a mortal and causing a Sighing Sickness, where the poor girl grieves and pines, wandering the roads, not eating, searching… searching for the never-to-be-seen-again love of her life.

Finnian is a man born of pain, hurt monstrously as a child and who took refuge in a sex, drugs and a library filled with old books and even older tales. He found a picture of a scribe and a poem:

‘I saw her stare
on old dry writing in a learned tongue . . .
(and) move a hand as if that
were some dear cheek.’

And fate flipped his life on its back when he met me because I am also a scribe. Ironic? Enigmatic? Fateful? You be the judge.

He is tall and lean and walks with grace and power and has eyes as blue as a midnight sea and hair like the nap of the night sky. To love him is to love death or danger. He could kill me by a mesmer that sounds like a whisper and yet we are powerless in the face of such emotion. We tried to avoid it, believe me. We ran from each other, we hated each other, we stole from each other… in an almost endless pursuit of charms that could…

Ah but I cannot say because it would ruin an epic tale of love and loss…

Author Bio

The best way to describe myself would be to use a quote written about me by Mark Williams on a recent blog (

Here it is: ‘She lives in Tasmania, has a pet Tasmanian Devil called Gisborne, eats kangaroos’ testicles, has the most ridiculous one-star ever awarded on Amazon, and wrote a novel on Twitter…’

Believe it or not, most of it is true. My husband and I own a farm so we do have lots of kangaroos around, but the testicles? Ugh! As to the Tasmanian Devil? I wish I did have one for a pet, but as recently reported in the Huffington Post, the poor little things are suffering the ravaging effects of a disease that is bringing them to the edge of extinction. Better the scientists and conservation zoos look after them than me. And I do have a one star rating on Amazon… a woman bought my first book thinking it was an embroidery book despite the blurb and then gave ME a one star despite Her mistake. And yes, myself and 50 others wrote a Jane Austen style novel on Twitter which was mentioned by The Times (UK) no less.

Me in a nutshell!

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