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Nancy Gideon - Author Interview, Book Giveaway


New Orleans homicide detective Charlotte Caissie is dedicated to bringing down the crime boss responsible for her father’s murder. Using Jimmy Legere’s mysterious and irresistible right-hand man is a dangerous gamble, and not only due to his reputation as more monster than man. Because her feelings for Max Savoie are . . . complicated.


Rescued from the swamps as a child, Max exists silently in Legere’s shadow, heeding only his voice—until Charlotte Caissie awakens his emotions and tests his loyalties. Stepping outside his cautious rules threatens more than just his heart. He could expose his darkest secret.


Testing boundaries they weren’t meant to cross means facing the truth about who and what they are—and what they need from each other. If Max is the murderer she seeks, Charlotte could be his next victim. She can’t afford to trust any man. Good thing Max isn’t one.

My Review:

A suspenseful murder mystery mixed with a paranormal romance. This storyline had enough twists and turns it will keep you guessing. The delectable pace never let me up for air. A cop, mob, and a shifter make up this paranormal romance premise. I I'd though have trouble with the characters personalities. They seem to bounce from one spectrum to the other. The steamy scenes were hot enough help someone get lucky after you read this. I liked how this book could be a great read for even a manly husband. Over all a great start to a series! I can not wait to get a hold of the next book! 

My rating: 4 stars!!

Author Interview:

Can you tell us a little about yourself?

I’m the author of 50+ books. I’ve written across the romance genre with historicals as Dana Ransom and Rosalyn West, regencies as Lauren Giddings and series contemporary suspense and paranormals under my own name. I’ve also done a horror movie novelization and had an original screenplay made into an Indie horror film (which really impresses by two sons). I’m a spoiling grandmother and have worked full time as a legal assistant for the past 11 years. Though my boss thinks I should, I don’t really fashion my vampires after claims adjusters.

Do you recall how your interest in writing originated?

I’ve always been a storyteller and a huge reader of everything from men’s fiction and Sci/fi right down to cereal boxes. Since I had my first publication, a fractured fairytale based on Cinderella in my 6th grade newspaper, the only thing I ever wanted to be was a writer.

What surprised you the most about the writing/publishing process?

The business of it. I had no idea when I started out that I’d have to do anything but write the book and wait to be a bestseller. The promotion end was a complete shock to me. I didn’t belong to a writers group until after I’d sold my first three books back in the (I’m going to date myself) mid-80s so I was incredibly naïve.

How do you develop your plots and characters? Do you use any set formula?

I love to plot…my books, other people’s books, TV show and movie endings, the back story of complete stranger’s lives. I just can’t help myself. I usually start with the idea for a story then build it around the characters. I never put a secondary character in a book unless I can see him or her carrying their own sequel. Probably why I love doing series!

What, in your opinion, are the most important elements of good writing?

Good story telling (pacing) and characters you love (or hate) that are believable. If I’m not pulled in right away or involved with the characters, I rarely go beyond the second chapter when I’m reading.

Can you share a little of your current work with us?

I’m incredibly honored to be included in Pocket’s new digital venture. They are releasing “boxed” sets of e-books in different genres. MASKED BY MOONLIGHT will be featured in “Bestselling Highlanders, Howlers, and Heroes,” a paranormal collection also featuring NYTimes bestseller Janet Chapman and USA Today bestseller Melissa Mayhue. I’m the Howler. The set will also include a teaser for my next book in my BY MOONLIGHT series, BOUND BY MOONLIGHT. I think it’s a brilliant way to cross market authors.

In Twitter Fashion use 140 characters or less, sum Masked by Moonlight for us.
A deadly shape-shifter and a dedicated cop are drawn together by dangerous circumstance and held by a passion both irresistible and frightening. Okay that’s more than 140 but in Twitter, I would have used a Tiny Url to get it all in.

How did you come up with a story that was such a whirl wind of events?

It actually started with a proposal for a simple werewolf book for a different publisher. They LOVED the prologue but wanted me to write an entirely different story with all new characters around it. Just open a vein, right? What I built off that opening scene became Max and Cee Cee’s story. It was supposed to be just one book but once I got started, it just got bigger and bigger…going from a single episode to a mini-series. I never expected the plot to expand into a world I didn’t want to leave.

How long did it take you to write it, and did you have any writer’s block along the way?

I’m usually a rabid plotter, with an intricate outline roadmap to follow like a story GPS, but MASKED BY MOONLIGHT was different. From that first chapter, the story got the bit in its teeth and ran away with me. I couldn’t type fast enough to keep up. It was like watching a fast-paced adventure movie unfold and I was along for the ride. Before I knew it, not even two months later, I was in the second book, then the third and by the time I sold to Pocket, the fourth was almost complete. All without a roadmap, which is something that still amazes my OCD mind. No time for writer’s block.

Will we be seeing a following book to this story?

I was thrilled when Pocket initially released MASKED BY MOONLIGHT, CHASED BY MOONLIGHT and CAPTURED BY MOONLIGHT back to back to back in June, July and August of last year. BOUND BY MOONLIGHT will be out on July 26, 2011. It concludes Max and Cee Cee’s romance arc but they will appear in the next two books as strong secondary characters beginning with HUNTER OF SHADOWS on November 29, 2011.

Was there anything you found particularly challenging when writing this book?

Selling the concept of the same hero and heroine continuing from book to book to the marketing department. Though it’s fairly common in sci-fi, mysteries and urban fantasy, it’s rarely done in romance. Romance traditionally has a happily-ever-after at the end of each book but my characters had too much to overcome for that quick resolution. My editor loved the idea and really fought for it, but it took a lot of convincing for the PTB to go along with it. My original plan was to base the entire series on Max and Cee Cee but after Book 4, the series will continue in the same Shifter world with new heroes and heroines.

What were your feelings when you first saw the cover of your finished book?

I’ve been very active in the cover art process for my BY MOONLIGHT series, which has been really exciting for me. Nothing worse than a cover not representing the contents. The cover progression concept was mine and the art department WOWed me with their interpretation. I could see the model as Max and the mood was perfect. Books 5 and 6 will have a different feel since Max and Cee Cee aren’t the main characters so they aren’t tied so closely together.

I’d be happy to answer any other reader questions about the series or the characters in the comment section below. One responder will be chosen at random to receive a copy of BOUND BY MOONLIGHT (as soon as it’s available) and a custom charm bracelet designed by ReMaryd Originals for the BY MOONLIGHT series.

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Lisa Richards/alterlisa said...

If you were to make the newspaper front page, what would the headline read?


alterlisa AT yahoo DOT com

Ren said...

Hi Nancy, thanks to stopping by and do the interview.
Oh, I really love Moonlight Trilogy. Max and CeeCee is my favorite couple, I love their relationship. I'm glad you continue their story,I can't wait to know what happen for them after the end of book 3, because I feel there some unfinished business here ^_^
My question is, why choose New Orleans as the setting place? And how much book that you plan for Moonlight series?

Thanks :D
GFC follower : Ren
sawamura_foxman AT yahoo DOT com

Anonymous said...

Hi Nancy,

Thank you for the interesting interview! The covers for the book are smoking hot! I can't wait to read this book, just put it on top of my TBR list!
Fingers crossed~


Melanie S. said...

Hi Nancy :)
thanks for a great interview! unfortunately I haven't had the chance to read your books yet, but I hope to change that soon... and I totally agree with the cover - I can't stand it when it shows something that you won't find in the book, but your books have gorgeous covers!
wish you all the best and congrats on your newest release,

Unknown said...

Great interview! If Bound By Moonlight were made into a movie, who would you pick to play the main characters?

tears_of_fire said...

Do you ever feel like you characters are taking over? The covers are great! The stories sound interesting and I am adding these to my reading list.

Melissa said...

Since Nancy has fallen under the blogger issue (UGH!) I am attempting to post for her. She didn't want to miss out on the fabulous readers of WVR! Here is her comment(s):

"Lisa, my headline would read "Novelist Has Books Turned into Hit Movie and/or TV Series!" with me co-writing the screenplays! Ahhh, dreams...

Hi, Ren! New Orleans is my favorite city and I visit whenever I can. It's steamy, sultry, mysterious atmosphere is perfect for the paranormal and it becomes a character of its own. As for more in the series, after BOUND BY MOONLIGHT (7/26/11) there are two more books: HUNTER OF SHADOWS (11/29/11) and Book 6 (7/12) features new heroes and heroines but continue the storylines with Max and Cee Cee as prominent secondary characters. I've got three more outline but not yet sold. That's up to Pocket. I'll keep you posted.


lindalou said...

Oooh la la! Those covers are HOT! I LOVE paranormals and these sound fantastic! I've not read any of Nancy's books... but I definitely have to now! Please enter me in the giveaway! AND thank you for the very generous giveaway!
Linda T.

Victoria said...

Your books sound fantastic. The cover of BOUND BY MOONLIGHT has me very interested. I never buy a book based on the cover but I do look.
How many will be in this series? Knowing that someone has a huge TBR pile what would you say to them to make them bring your book to the top of the pile?
Thank you for the giveaway.


Melissa said...

"Waving to Candy and Melanie!
Hi, Marlene! I pictured Max and Cee Cee as Clive Owen and Rosario Dawson in Sin City but every is entitled to their own fantasy version!
Tears of Fire, I'm too controlling to let characters run amuck but I do let them make suggestions! And sometimes they do have the better idea.


elaing8 said...

Great review and interview.I have these books on my TBR list.All the reviews I've read for them have been positive.i can't wait to read them.

RFTC Blog said...

Thanks for the great interview. You are actually a new to me author. These books look really good and I will definitely be adding them to my wishlist. BTW, love the covers!

Tishia Mackey said...

Great interview, and these books sounds wonderful. This series is definitely going on my to-be-read list!! Thanks for the giveaway :)

Amy said...

Thanks for the giveaway and interview!

I looked at the cover of Masked by Moonlight and see such a hot man LOL! I love paranormal romance and would love to read it.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the giveaway books sound great.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the great interview and giveaway. I have the 1st 3 books in this series & they keep getting shifted around on my TBR pile.

Jen B. said...

Very nice trailer. It was simple and really described the book nicely. I even thought the music was a good fit. Wow, 50+ books. I am truly in awe. I can't even write one! Thanks for the giveaway.

Melissa said...

"Victoria, move me to the top and prepare some extra time because once you start reading, you won't be able to stop until you've gone through all three books! That's a promise.  I think an author's passion for a particular project shines through and these are the books of my heart, the ones I took risks for and wasn't willing to settle for second best when it came to getting them published.
To all you've visited and commented, THANK YOU and happy reading.

ArtemisG said...

Great interview!Very beautiful trailer and sexy cover.
Thanks for the giveaway.

Toni said...

I agree about covers really needing to set the stage for a novel. They are what makes me pick up a book. Nothing upsets me more then reading a book and they talk about the raven haired hero and you reglance at the cover and scratch your head because he's blond.

I would pick up your books!!! I love PNR and your stories sound like something I would be very interested in reading.

Thanks for a great interview!!

IdentitySeeker said...

Lol@your boss thinking you should fashion your vampires after claims adjusters. This seems like a great read and I hope to have the chance to read it some day. Thanks for the giveaway:)

Mary Preston said...

MARKED BY MOONLIGHT & BOUND BY MOONLIGHT are books I would not just walk past. Did you have any say as to the covers?

Jolene and Family said...

I would love to get started on this series, it sounds amazing

Unknown said...

Nancy, if you could have a literary crossover which literary character would you like to welcome to one of your novels? :-)

Thank you,

stella.exlibris (at) gmail (dot) com

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