Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Thunderhead. By Melissa Smith. Book Review.

What happens when a Guardian Angel actually hates you?

What if you did nothing more than fall in love?

What if they have the ability to make you give up?

A new year brings new friends and new adversaries to contend with. New challenges with old enemies. And all the while can they make it to the end? Can they stay together or will they finally be torn apart by the one Guardian who seeks to destroy them?

My Review:

Thunderhead is the second book in the Guardian of Man series written by Melissa Smith.

Sterling is a Guardian of man. (Guardian Angel) He has been assigned to Claire, a 17 year old girl and they are head over heals in love with each other!

But love is not always easy! Claire's ex boyfriend has decided he still has feelings for her and wants her back. Although he becomes annoying to both Sterling and Claire, he is not the major source of turmoil in this story.

Sterling's ex, Skye wants Sterling back! She is manipulative, sneaky and she will do ANYTHING to have him back at her side! She wants Claire out of the picture! It doesn't matter that Sterling wants nothing to do with her. She uses Claire's teacher's, friends and family against her. And everyday seems to bring on new complications for this loving couple.

I thought Thunderhead was a wonderful and refreshing read! I'm looking forward to reading more books by Melissa Smith!! I highly recommend this book for all young adult readers or anyone who wants a sweet romance to snuggle up with! ;)

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Diana (@Offbeat Vagabond) said...

Great review guys. I really like the premise, it actually sounds like it could make an interesting comedy or something. Still, this sounds really interesting and, of course, I have a weakness for angels. Great review again, thank you. Added to wishlist.

Also want to send a congratulations your way, I nominated you guys for the Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger Award. Really love you guys :) Check out the details here:

Congrats again :)

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