Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Demon Song by Cat Adams

In a world where magic is real and the supernatural is almost normal, bodyguard Celia Graves has survived a vampire attack which made her a half-vampire and awakened her latent Siren abilities. She’s battled a Siren Queen to the death and twice faced down a demon that wants to kill her--slowly. She’s also had her heart broken--twice--by her old flame, magician Bruno DeLuca.

Perhaps the worst thing was the discovery that Celia’s life has been warped by a curse laid on her during childhood--the cause of everything from the death of her little sister to the murder of her best friend the same night that Celia became an Abomination.

An ancient rift between the demonic dimension and our own--sealed during the destruction of Atlantis--begins to open, threatening to loose all the demons of hell on humanity (including the one personally bent on destroying Celia). Celia’s hellish recent experiences have given her the unique combination of abilities needed to close the rift. But to overcome the curse, which nearly guarantees her failure, she’ll need to join forces with people she no longer trusts...and put people she has come to care about directly in harm’s way.


This book is a must read! If the previous books were great for you this one will not let you down. As many of you know , I love a book that plays with your emotions. It was fill with a non stop drama, suspense, drama, and if that wasn’t enough for you lets throw in a little romance. Romance seems to be in a triangle in this book. Which I bet you’ll find as interesting as I do. You just have to respect Celia, for keeping her head up, when so many people are trying to destroy her. At least she still has her loyal friends to help her through. Overall and exciting read, that’ll leave you wanting the next book.

My Rating; 4 Stars!!


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