Monday, February 28, 2011

Reveiw: The Blood Moon of Winter by Courtney Conant

The Blood Moon of Winter
by Courtney Conant
300 pages
I found this book to have a different writing style then I am normally used to and found it to be refreshing. The ideas and elements put into the story line were new and original. This book will definitely have you turning pages to see what is happing next. The stories development through out the whole progression of the story, I found was as smooth as silk. Courtney Conant paints a gorgeous picture of a new land that I definitely would love to visit and a love interest that will have you falling in love with him. I'm anxiously awaiting the sequel. I would suggest you give this new author a try.

My Rating: Five Stars!


When the survival of a world is at stake, what choice is there?

Lilyana searches for the answer in the thrilling new world she has found herself in. Choosing between what she already has and what is needed will be the hardest decision she will ever have to face. Lilyana Makay, a young woman who prefers to be alone with a good book rather than spend time with others, finds herself in the middle of quite a conundrum. She is the reincarnated Goddess of the land of Makayra, yet this fact is completely unknown to her.

Lilyana has never wished for anything more in her life, but life has other plans. When she finds herself in this new world, she comes across an albino panther who helps to bring about her awareness of what and who she truly is. Only passion and experiences can awaken the sleeping Goddess within, not all of which are enjoyable. Lilyana must dig deep within herself to see if she can handle what is to come.

She is the only one who can save the dying land. Yet, to do so, she must leave all she has ever known. She must choose whether her new found love is enough to keep her from performing a duty that has been thrust upon her. Playing the role of Goddess might be more than she bargained for.

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