Friday, August 10, 2012


Happy Release Day!!!!

Ten Tales of Illusion, Nightmares and Love.
Through the eyes of the immortal. 
Beyond the dreams of the enchanted. 
On the breath of the cursed. 
There lives only one truth. 
Hold on to your light. 
The darkness will find you.

Beyond the never is written by five very talented authors!  I am looking forward to devouring this book and I hope everyone will be picking this one up as well!!  Congratulations and Happy Release Day to Linna Drehmel, Jenna Kay, Alexia Purdy, Madison Daniel and Kyani Swanigan ♥  Hold on to your light.

Where to find this book: 

 Where to stalk the authors of this book ;)

Linna Drehmel: 

Jenna Kaye: 

Alexia Purdy:

Madison Daniel:

Kyani Swanigan:

It's time! Go on now! Buy, Stalk and have fun ;)


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