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Jenn Bennett - Summoning the Night - Giveaway, Author Interview, and Reveiw

Summoning the Night (Arcadia Bell #2)
by Jenn Bennett


After narrowly escaping her fate as a sacrificial scapegoat, Arcadia Bell is back to normal. Or at least as ordinary as life can be for a renegade magician and owner of a tiki bar that caters to Earthbound demons. She’s gearing up for the busiest day of the year—Halloween—when a vengeful kidnapper paralyzes the community.

The influential head of the local Hellfire Club taps Cady to track down the fiendish bogeyman, and now that she’s dating red-hot Lon Butler, the Club’s wayward son, she can hardly say no. Cady and Lon untangle a gruesome thirty-year trail of clues that points to danger for the club members’ children. But locating the person behind the terror will require some metaphysical help from Cady’s loyal bar patrons as well as her potent new Moonchild powers—and she’d better figure it out before the final victim disappears and her own darkest secret becomes her biggest enemy.


First the book cover, I love the cove of this book. It is hot and adds little images here and there that strikes curiosity. It shows off the main heroines character. 

The characters we know and love from the 1st book has returned, as well as, some new characters. Arcadia has acquired some new powers. She and Lon have also became quiet a cute couple, their relationship is slowly becoming more. Lon is the yummy and protective man we come to know and love. Jupe the little trouble maker is still the same, and you'll love. Hajo, is a very interesting character with amazing powers.  The rest of them... Your just gonna have to read this book. I can't give it all away. :)

Writing Style is great. Very easy to follow, and read along. flows like water. There were a lot of unpredictable  twist and turns, that will hit you as if you walked into a brick wall. 

The plot,  30 years ago, someone was taking teenagers, and just before Halloween that some had returned. The person is not just taking just any teenagers, but the descendant teens from Hellfire Club families.  Cady and Lon are the ones to unravel the mystery. Pace was great. It'll keep you turning pages till your sitting there saying "Where's the next book!"

Overall amazing book, that'll leave you wanting the next installment. I would suggest buying it. Be cause you'll love having it in your collection.

My Rating: 5 Stars 

Author Interview

Can you tell us a little about yourself?

Thanks for having me! I'm an paranormal/urban fantasy author, but I suppose you know that already. I'm also an artist who lives in the Atlanta area with my husband. We have two pugs.

Do you recall how your interest in writing originated?

Unlike a lot of writers, I started later in life. I wrote my first novel three years ago, just to see if I could. It was terrible, unsurprisingly. But it was also the single most satisfying thing I've ever done creatively. I couldn't go back after that. There was life before writing, and life after writing. That sounds rather obnoxious, but it's true.

What surprised you the most about the writing/publishing process?

The amount of time it takes for a publishing house to edit/sell/market/create artwork for a single title. I couldn't understand why it took so long. Now I do. There's an enormous amount of work behind the scenes that readers never see.

How do you develop your plots and characters? Do you use any set formula?

Every book is different. I don't use formulas, but I do plot out scenes. However, no matter how hard I try to control the plot from the beginning, it morphs and takes new turns during the writing process. As far as characters, those are cooked up inside my head. I live with them for awhile before I ever type the first word.

What, in your opinion, are the most important elements of good writing?

I don't think it's something you can deconstruct. Some of my favorite writers have bucked all the rules, others have followed them. I think if there's one prevailing element in all of their work, it's that the writer managed to be authentic and honest on the page. This is tougher than it sounds.

Can you share a little of your current work with us?

I'm very hush-hush about sharing a work in progress, as far as snippets go, but I will say that it's historical, it's paranormal, and it's romance.

In Twitter Fashion use 140 characters or less, summarize Summoning the Night for us.

When a local urban legend sends La Sirena into a fear-fueled tailspin, the Hellfire Club asks Cady & Lon to hunt a magick-wielding boogeyman.

How did you come up with a story that was such a whirlwind of events?

I'm not sure, to be honest! All of my stories are a little crazy, a little baroque. I'm not a simple, straightforward person, and I guess that comes across in my weird worldbuilding.

How long did it take you to write it, and did you have any writer’s block along the way?

It took me 6 weeks to write KINDLING THE MOON, from conception to finish. It was a mad race. I wrote every day, no writer's block. I guess I was just gripped by the idea and went with it. Sometimes this works, sometimes it doesn't. Lucky for me, it worked for Arcadia.

Will we be seeing a following book?

The next book in the Arcadia Bell series, SUMMONING THE NIGHT, releases April 24. Pocket Books is releasing a special digital Arcadia short this winter, then book 3, BINDING THE SHADOWS, comes out next spring. Book 4 will likely be released in late 2013 or early 2014.

How did you come up with the character Arcadia?
I think I was watching something on the news and wondered what life was like for someone who had an accused criminal in their family. How hard it must be to live under the shadow of someone notorious.

I always must ask, If you could pick one actor to portray Lon Butler on the big screen who would it be and why?

Readers have told me Johnny Depp or Josh Holloway. I don't disagree. He should be played by someone strong and silent. He's not a bust-down-the-door kind of guy. He's someone who calmly observes, then walks in during the right moment and punches the bad guy in the face.

Was there anything you find particularly challenging when writing this book?

I rewrote the second half of SUMMONING three times, so the challenge was leaving it alone!

What were your feelings when you first saw the cover of your finished book?

When I saw the cover of KINDLING, I thought it was pretty fantastic. SUMMONING has more of a gritty feel, and I love that the background is taken from a scene in the book.

Thanks so much for having me on your blog!

Thanks you so much for stopping by! We loved having you!

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It's cool that the cover is taken from a scene in the book- a lot of them don't seem to make a lot of sense. Please enter me!


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