Sunday, July 17, 2011

Misty Evans - Book Review

Jingle Hells
By: Misty Evans


Word’s gotten around Heaven (and Hell) that Amy tricked the angel Gabriel and helped Adam with his second trial with temptation. Now Samson shows up on her doorstep looking for true love, and Delilah’s not far behind, insisting she wasn’t the one who cut off his hair.

In order to get both of them out of her ice cream shop and back into each others’ arms, Amy must become a relationship expert and a detective while completing Step Two of Witches Anonymous. But will believing in a higher power help Amy in her quest, or make matters worse?


To start... I love the Witches Anonymous series! They are so entertaining and filled with delicious men! Amy Atwood is a lovable and very humorous character who loves her chocolate and mixes it up with the devil and yummy boyfriend Adam. She tries so hard to resist the ever-tempting Luc and remain faithful to Adam. Throw in Samson and Delilah and the story gets real heated. I love how Ms. Evans is constantly adding new twists and turns in the series, adding more biblical figures with each adventure. I seem to be leading more to the side of Luc, who is super badboy devil but seems to have a kind heart where Amy is concerned. If you are looking for a fun, quick and entertaining read then the Witches Anonymous series is for you!

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