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Annie Nicholas, Author Guest Post, Book Giveaway

Werewolves believe in soul mates. Sirens eat theirs.

Sirens, a mutation of mermaids, need sexual energy to survive. Marie Laframboise lost her only food source when her strip club burned down. Not wanting to kill any of her victims, she’d learned to glean the lust off her clients, and now she is starving. She can’t resist the temptation to invite herself to the singles shifter party held by local werewolf stud, Maxwell Cox, and feed.

Max doesn’t want a soul mate, but to his dismay, she shows up at his party. Just as Marie can’t resist the temptation to feed, Max can’t resist the instinctual urge to claim her. Marie has never wanted a relationship, but she can’t shake off Max’s pursuit. He offers her things she has only dreamed of, but she fears the hunger will turn those dreams into nightmares.

Her appetite is not one to mess with. Max thinks he’s found the perfect mate, but Marie may have found the perfect prey.

 Graphic sexual content, hot shifters, and one scary-ass siren.

Author Guest Post:

My Fantasy

I always wanted to be a mermaid. If I could change into any creature it would be my first choice. In the real world, I dive and I snorkel. I share my passion with my sons and husband. The best time in my life is when I lived in Hawaii by the beach and snorkeled every chance I could get.

The serenity that surrounds me as the big blue encompasses my body can’t be duplicated. I’ve always had some kind of subconscious link to the sea. Way before I was published, I went by the username Tuna on writing forums. I have a series title The Angler with the books: Bait and Catch. LOL

Mermaids are on top of my list though. So why haven't I written about one yet?

I write stories with twist. I love taking a normal story trope and changing it into something different. It took me awhile to contrive something with a mermaid that wasn't already done a thousand times.

Humans have myths of vampires and werewolves, monsters that developed from humans. What if merpeople had their own myths? What kind of monster would they fear? Something shark like? Something born from their people like our own monsters?

I also like creating strong heroines. Independent. Smart. Carnivorous.

The answers to these questions lead me find Marie Laframboise. Siren. Eater of sexual energy. Man killer. A mermaid vampire of sorts.

This book is due to be released on 7/18/2011

My Review:

Okay, so when I first read the blurb for this book I thought "how is Ms. Nicholas going to pull off a book about Mermaids and Werewolves?" I have to say, she made this work beautifully!

Maxwell Coxlin is the name of our hero. He is a very hot, very sexy, very alpha Werewolf. He knows the moment his mate is near. And like it or not, the beast in him will not let him rest until he claims her for his own.

Marie Laframboise is our kick-ass heroine. She is a Siren (which is a dangerous mutation of a Mermaid.) This is a woman who know what she wants and how to get it! She is completely independent and knows how to take care of herself. Even though she feels an animalistic attraction to Max, she knows it's too dangerous to let herself dream of or take what he is offering.

This is a quick read but don't let that turn you away! These pages are packed with a bit of adventure and a LOT of hot, steamy, grab your husband and give him the best surprise of his life kind of sex I will be looking for more books to read by Annie Nicholas!


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