Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Authors Month Award - The Winner

Voting is now closed, and it is time to hail our winner!
One Winner
so if you did not win there is always Next year. Yes this is a yearly event! Authors you can sign up for your spot next year.
Whats the prize you ask? It is just that I surprize. But of course something awesome.
Runners up were
  • 4th Nicole Peeler  - 17% Votes
  • 3rd Carly Phillips - 18% Votes
  • 2nd Adrian Phoenix - 19% Votes
And now the Winner...
Jennifer Estep
With 20% of the votes!

I would love to thank Everyone of the authors that particiapated in Authors Month Event.

You guys really rocked the house. There was 354 votes, and it was spread out pretty evenly , so i do encourage you to come visit again!

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