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Giveaway, Author Interview With Dawn Chartier & Book Review of Not An Angel

PhotobucketHere today with me is Author of Not An Angel, Ms. Dawn Chartier!!

Thank you so much for joining me for Author Month In April!!

Hi Melissa and everyone. It’s great to be here.

Can you tell us a little about yourself?

There’s not much to tell about me. I’m pretty boring actually, but I do have a wild and fun imagination. I hope that counts. I grew up in the New Orleans area, and I still live near the Big Easy. I work part-time in construction, although I’d rather not. (shh don’t tell my boss) I grew up surrounded by books in my parents new/used bookstore, and don’t gasp, but I didn’t read books back then. (rebel teenager I guess you could say) Comics were more my style. My parents and sister were book worms and I wanted to be different. Of course, I regret it now and wish I still had all those books at my fingertips, but that’s how it goes. Other than that, I love animals, reading, writing and fishing.

Do you recall how your interest in writing originated?

Sure do. After hurricane Katrina hit my home town something inside of me
changed. It was a feeling of “what are you doing with your life?” Why are
you not enjoying it more? Anyway, I read a newspaper article on Marie
Laveau and it was about her tombstone and how visitors would mark X’s on
it. Ideas started flooding my mind and instead of blowing it off, I decided to
write. Then I couldn’t stop ideas from flowing. (I did write the voodoo story, but I haven’t pushed to publish it. It needs lots of TLC before I let it out into the publishing world.)

What surprised you the most about the writing/publishing process?

I guess what surprises me most is how authors and others in the publishing
industry help each other out. The support is amazing, and I’m lucky to be
a part of it. I remember when I just signed my first book contract. That
weekend I was at a Sherrilyn Kenyon’s K-Con conference and Barbara Vey
happened to be there and she introduced me to Sherrilyn’s followers and
announced that I would have a book coming out. I was stunned that she did
this for “me” and Sherrilyn also retweeted when I announced my book had
been released. Then I had friends who helped spread the word. Now where
can you find support like that? I love it. I hope I can help other aspiring
writers one day too.

How do you develop your plots and characters? Do you use any set formula?

At first, I wrote whatever came to mind. (not a good way to write – at least
not for me) Now, I try to have the plot, characters goals, motivations and
conflicts. That’s about it. No formula. As time goes by I’m sure I’ll try
different methods. Writing is all about growing.

What, in your opinion, are the most important elements of good writing?

Without great characters, no matter how wonderful the plot is, the story
will not work. You have to care about the characters in order to care about
everything that happens to them.

Can you share a little of your current work with us?

Thank you. I’d love to share my current work with you. I’m writing a New
Orleans witch series. My character is the only latent witch in her family,
and she tells everyone she is okay with it, even herself, because she hates
magic, but honestly it eats at her, and she feels like she doesn’t belong.
However, when she finds a skeleton at her jobsite, her magic awakens
and all hell breaks lose. Each sister will have their own story if they have
something to say about it. lol

I have a nice time following you on Twitter. In 140 characters or less, sum Not An Angel for us.

That’s hard, but I’ll try… Without hope, Kira McCoy is ready to end her
suffering, while Poryria, Trace Stuart cannot stop himself from trying to
save her, even if its against the rules.

Kira’s story had broken my heart. How did you come up with woman who had lost everything she had cherished so much, the way that Kira had?

A part of Kira’s tragedy came from real life. A friend of my parents had lost
her baby to SIDS, and her husband killed himself because he couldn’t deal
with the grief. When I’d heard about it - I couldn’t let go. I couldn’t get her
terrible tragedy out of my head. I knew I had to write a happy ending for
her, and help her find the love she deserved, even if it’s only in my story.

Most people will/have probably found this book to leave them aching for the next book, how long did it take you to write it, and did you have any writer’s block along the way?

I don’t get writers block that I know of. Sometimes I might get stuck because I wrote myself into a corner or maybe I don’t know the characters well enough. When I wrote, Not An Angel, I didn’t have any deadlines, so I took my time. It took about 6 months to write a 53,000 word book.

Will we be seeing a following book to this story? Please say yes! ;)

I’d love to write Mikal (Mike) or Drago’s story, but the witches have yanked
me away for now.

I just love the men in this book. Trace’s character was absolutely delectable. How did you come up with the character Trace?

Thanks, Melissa. Poryria Guardian, Trace Stuart sort of took over his own
role. I knew he was a little dark and damaged, and that he’d pretty much given up on happiness, but when he met Kira, his life changed completely. All he wanted was to protect her, show her that her life was yet to begin. He
has the biggest heart I know.

If you could pick one actor to portray Trace on the big screen who would it be and why?
I haven’t really picked out a actor to play Trace, but I guess Trace might
resemble Aiden Turner. (here is a picture of Aiden that I grabbed from his

What were your feelings when you first saw the cover of your finished book?

Shocked and very, very happy! I sent the art department a picture of a
model from i-stock.com, who I had stared at day and night while writing
Trace’s story. Then I asked if they could use something close to my font on my website. When I got home and found the “exact” picture of the model
on my book cover - I screamed. They bought Trace’s picture for my book. If the cover artist had been near me, she would have gotten a huge hug. People ask me all the time if I know the model and I say sure he’s my husband. lol.

This was a great story set with different worlds. Was there anything you find particularly challenging in your writing?

I lack a lot of things, but I continue to take classes and hopefully grow as a

Is there a message in your novel that you want readers to grasp?

Yes. Trust your heart - and give love a second chance. This theme reoccurs
in all my books.

I wanted to thank you so much for allowing me to review your book and for participating in Authors Month In April. I hope you'll join me again soon!

Melissa, I had so much fun. Thank you for having me, and I would love to
join you again, hopefully with either my witch book or the second book in
the Poryria world. And also, thanks for the review. I’m so glad you enjoyed
Not An Angel, and I hope whoever the winner is enjoys it as much.

Thanks for having me, Dawn Chartier

Please visit her:

Kira McCoy wants to die. Losing her husband and daughter tragically left her without hope. Now her disturbed brother-in-law will stop at nothing to have her for himself. All she wants is to find peace, but instead finds herself on top of a bridge ready to end her suffering.

Protector of the Poryria, Trace Stuart is called to defend his race or embrace death. Defending humans is not part of the plan, but he cannot stop himself from saving Kira.

Realizing that he shares a special bond with Kira, Trace defies his Queen and rushes into the heart of darkness in order to rescue the woman he loves. Will Kira be able to reach past her own pain to pull them both into the light?

Find this book at:
The Wild Rose Press

My Review:

Not An Angel is an absolute must buy. I loved this book. I loved Dawn's writing style. The plot and characters are well formed. The pace was fast, and keep me devouring the pages. I could not put it down. It made me laugh, cry, and even get frustrated. The description of everything is laid out great. If you have an imagination as I do, it'll be like you are there with them. The things Kira had to deal with in her life just broke my heart. Trace, was a complete gentleman with a wild side. He was so yummy to read. The bond between them is so strong and the book has steamy part that is sure to fog up glasses. I can't wait to get my hands on the next.

My Rating:


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Pretty simple.


Denise K. Rago said...

I love the message in your books. When I visited your website you say that "the unknown and the power of love is what calls to me." A very powerful message and so true. Thank you.

Rebecca Zanetti said...

I love the excerpt and the cover! Congratulations! Wonderful interview. :)

Dawn Chartier said...

Thank you, Denise. I'm so glad you stopped by. ~ Dawn

Dawn Chartier said...

Hi Rebecca,

I still love my cover. I certainly was blessed with this one. Thanks for stopping by.


Unknown said...

Awesome interview. I'm so happy for you! Can't wait to read your next one!! :)Rachel Firasek

Dawn Chartier said...

Awwww. Thanks so much, Rachel...
I heart you!

p.s. I'm on page 85 of Piper's Fury, and I'm loving it...


Lisa Kessler said...

Great interview!!! :)

I've always loved this cover too!


Lisa :)

Dawn Chartier said...

Aww. Thanks so much, Lisa...


LJ said...

After reading your interview and story premise, I went to Kindle and bought. Good luck.

Sharon S. said...

usually you see the woman saving the tortured soul of a man. It is nice to see the opposite. The cover is smoldering and thanks to the review I would love to read this story. Thanks for the chance to win!

Amy said...

The guy on the cover is good-looking! Would love to read this. I like stories about tortured heroines.


Lost in My Own Thoughts said...

Great interview, Dawn! I love the cover and the story sounds great, I can't wait to read it.

Melissa Stark

Shelley Munro said...

I enjoyed the interview, Dawn, and I love the story of how you came to start writing. Congrats on your new release.

Dawn Chartier said...

LJ, that was so sweet of you to buy my book instead of waiting to win it. Thanks you so much, Dawn

Dawn Chartier said...

Hi Sharon, I never thought of it that way. However, Kira saves Trace right back in the end.

Hey Amy, Thank you for stopping by. Good luck!


Dawn Chartier said...

It's great to see you here. Thanks for stopping by.


Hey Shelly, you know I can blame Katrina for a lot of bad things, but I honestly have to thank her for waking my a** up. So glad you stopped by.


Unknown said...

Oh, this book looks really good. Please enter me in the giveaway.
GFC follower.

Dawn Chartier said...

Thanks for stopping by, Marlene. Good luck on the drawing.


Unknown said...

Hey Dawn!

Great interview, AMAZING cover, and a well deserved review!


Jae Lynne

Dawn Chartier said...

Hey Jae Lynne,

That is so sweet! Thank you...


And Melissa (WVR),
Thanks for having me. I had a great time....Let me know who the winner is when the time is up.

Hugs to all,

Gabby said...

Well I haven't read your books yet but they seem kind of interesting. I love the cover for the first book in your series though it's really nice.

Good luck with your series! Oh and please add me to the giveaway as well!


Lisa Richards/alterlisa said...

Awesome interview and I got to admit, I probably buy the book just for the cover.
The unknown in romance is probably what keeps me reading them.

alterlisa AT yahoo DOT com

Dawn Chartier said...

Thanks Gabby and Lisa! I'd buy the book for the cover too. lol


Book Chatter Cath said...

hiya, oops let me just wipe away the drool......thats better!!! Sounds great too =]

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