Saturday, February 19, 2011

Book blogger hop! Check it out!!!

Book Blogger Hop

Book Blog Hop

So I joined in on the fun. It is weekly BOOK PARTY is a great way for book bloggers to connect with other book lovers, make new friends, support each other, and generally just share our love of books! So, come join me and start HOPPING through the list of blogs!!

The Hop lasts Friday-Monday every week, so if you don't have time to Hop today, come back later and join the fun!  This is a weekly event!

This weeks question:

"What book(s) would you like to see turned into a movie?"

My answer is : Night Embrace (Dark-Hunter, Book 3) by Sherrilyn Kenyon. This book has it all! Comedy, romance, action, and of course a hot tortured man in need of saving. ;)

Who wouldn't love that?? 


Vicki said...

Hopping through for the weekend. Any reason you didn't choose book 1 of the series? D'you think it has a better story or more movie potential? Or are you going for a Star Wars vibe, starting in the middle ;)

If you feel like hopping my way, come venture into The Wolf's Den. Have a great weekend!

Melissa said...

Hey Viki! Welcome!! I picked the third book because it was the one out of the series I wanted to see the most. It had me in tears at the way Sunshine's mother greeted the Dark-Hunter and the conversations that followed. I would rather the whole series to be turned into a movie. But as Sherrilyn Kenyon her self said it will be better when movie graphics are better and I agree. Thanks for hopping thru ;)) I will hop my way on over to yours soon.

Cataluna6 said...

Blog hopping over :) I'm up to book number 3 in this series - I'm a latecomer with these. I read Infinity, fell in love and went from there. But I agree, the series would make a fantastic movie.

A. Knight said...

I hear Sherrilyn Kenyon is a pretty good author. I've been thinking about picking up her YA Dark Hunters series, starting with Infinity. I'm looking forward to learning more about Night Embrace!

Thanks for stopping by the blog earlier! Be safe, have a wonderful week, and happy blogging! Enjoy your current reads while you're at it.

Asher K.

Melissa said...

@Cataluna6: This series is amazing. I have re-read these series so many times. You'll Love it, For sure. Yeah I really wish this could be made into a movie or at least a TV series... Just not at the expense of chopping it up.

@A. Knight: Sherrilyn Kenyon is awesome there is not one book I have picked up that I did not love. I found Night Embrace Hilarious! I hope you get around to it soon.

Another Author I am a complete fan of is Christine Feehan. Anyone heard of her? I love the Dark Series.

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